The day I visited Zee Float was a crazy day. As a new mom, everyday is a bit crazy, but that day especially so. I had been on the computer working on a blog post deadline during Bria’s nap time, entertaining her during her time awake, and sending out I don’t even know how many messages to the 12 ladies on my LipSense team.

By the time the day was done, I was exhausted. As I drove to Zee Float for my 7:00 PM appointment, I had no clue what to expect. I had heard about sensory deprivation tanks, and have heard really good things about Zee Float, but had never experienced anything like what I was about to.

Float therapy, offered at Zee Float, allows you to experience sensory deprivation by floating in a pitch black, silent tank filled with epsom salts. By removing all stimulation and letting your body float effortlessly, you are able to reap the tons of benefits float therapy offers from improving sleep, lowering stress, and relieving chronic pain, to even increasing creativity and improving athletic performance.

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Zee Float is located in downtown Hamilton. Let me preface this by saying, I love downtown Hamilton, but I loathe public parking lots and street parking so I was beyond pleasantly surprised to find Zee Float had its own (free) parking lot right behind the building.


I walked into a dimly lit space and was greeted by a smiling woman named Hanna. When you go for your float you need to sign a waiver, but I had opted to fill out the waiver online in advance (such a smart service to offer!) so I was able to just sit and relax until my float experience began.


I was in The Cabin room for my float. The room was large with a the float tank in the centre and an open shower and bench for my belongings, along with a towel and everything I needed to get ready for my float.

I began by undressing (everyone floats naked….so don’t bother bringing a bathing suit like I did) and placing the ear plugs provided snugly in my ears. I then showered off using a non-scented wash provided and put vaseline on any cuts I had. Ladies, there is no point in wearing makeup or doing your hair as you’ll need to wash your face completely and your hair will get wet in the tank. I say this as I went to Zee Float with a full face of makeup, but thankfully I had brought makeup wipes just in case.

After I was all showered off, I stepped into the tank. The water is heated to the average skin temperature and the tank only contains ten inches of water. Hanna explained I had the option of using a little halo float device that was kind of like a pillow for extra support for my head and neck, which I brought in with me and ended up using for my entire float.

I closed the door to the cabin and was alone in the tank. It was dead silent, as I had my earplugs in. I slowly lowered myself into the water and was amazed at how easily my body started to float. Now, there is a light you can keep on in the tank, or you have the option of turning it off and being in complete darkness. I opted to leave the light on at first to test out the sensation of floating.

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It was a strange feeling. I felt weightless and I almost felt like I was stepping out of my body. Every muscle was relaxed because I didn’t have to do anything to keep my body afloat. Once I got used to the feeling, I reached back and switched the light off. It was completely dark, with not a sound to be heard. At first, I was in awe. I closed my eyes and took some cleansing breaths and tried to clear my mind, which happened quicker than I had anticipated. I started feeling the movement of my body in the water and began feeling like I was being transported somewhere else.

Then it happened. I panicked. I came back down to earth when I tried to orient myself. Without sound and vision, I had no clue what direction I was facing in the tank. Was I close to the door? What if I couldn’t find it? Suddenly, the air got hot. Where was the light switch? I started frantically reaching around until I found it and turned the light on. It took me a minute or two to relax. Afterwards, I asked Hanna about this experience and she told me it is quite common, even for people like me who aren’t claustrophobic.

After that minor freak out, I tried again. I started with the light on then when I felt ready I turned it off, and I was fine. I ended up getting into such a relaxed state I lost all concept of time. It seemed like only minutes when music began piping into the underwater speakers and the light slowly came back on. I got up slowly, took a few cleansing breaths again and exited the tank.

I showered off all the salt using the provided body wash and shampoo/conditioner. There is also a room you can use once you are dressed with a blow dryer, lotion and a mirror to apply makeup if needed.photo2

When you are finished floating, there is also a post-float lounge where you can continue your journey of relaxation and enjoy an oxygen bar, a small library of books and kombucha on tap.

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I was really surprised and intrigued with my floating experience. I found that floating truly allows your mind and body to rest and relax and allow you to recharge your batteries mentally and physically. I noticed the effects of my time floating over the next week. My brain felt clearer and I even noticed my nagging back pain had subsided.

I would definitely recommend looking into float therapy, especially in the fast paced, screen filled world we live in. It was a welcome break to spend an hour not staring at my smartphone with my neck kinked, and rather enjoy the feeling of nothing at all.

To get more info on pricing, or learn more about Zee Float, check them out here.

Zee Float is located at 430 York Blvd, in Hamilton, Ontario. Appointments can be made online  or via telephone at 905-769-3404.'
Written by Tracey