Welcome to another Wednesday my friends! I hope you week wasn’t as full of weird events as mine was.

– I was at the grocery store on Monday night trying to pick a package of salad that wasn’t wilted, mushy and full of lettuce juice (you know what I’m talking about!) when I heard a phone ringing….from among the bags of lettuce. It was ringing and ringing and then finally a woman a few aisles over came running and grabbed it and answered it. She had left her cell phone with the lettuce. She answered it, “Oh sorry that took so long my phone was in lettuce” and then just carried on with her shopping like that was a normal spot to leave your phone.

–  It was -11°C the other morning, but really sunny and bright and a man was wearing SHORTS. I get this is Canada and any hint of warmer weather forces us to strip off our parkas, but it’s still flipping freezing. Just because it’s a bit lighter in the mornings and it’s sunny doesn’t mean spring has sprung!

– I went for my food tasting for my wedding this weekend. I brought my parents and brother, along with my fiance. We were seated at a table with another family. I thought this was great and was planning on chatting with the bride. Well, this was the most sourpuss family. No one made eye contact with us. No one looked happy to be there. The coordinator of the tasting gave a little speech before the meal and used a microphone since there were 200 people there. When she came on the microphone, the mother of the bride at our table literally jumped out of her seat and exclaimed, “Oh wow! Oh my gosh!” The microphone was not set at a loud volume. No one else in the entire room jumped, but this lady was startled out of her mind. I had to bite my lip not to laugh at her reaction.

– I’m having a vintage themed wedding and am on the hunt for vintage pieces to use as centrepieces. Basically, Macklemore’s Thrift Shop is the theme of my life right now…”Hey Tracey, can we go thrift shopping?!” I have good collection so far – vintage books, vintage alarm clocks, vintage figurines and vases.  I went to the local Value Village to see if I could find anything vintage and instead left saying WTF. Needless to say I left empty handed. Here are some of the odd things I came across.

1This pensive clown vase

A trophy (?) for your baby.
Even better, as it is not specific to a name this can be used for any baby you have.

An empty spaghetti jar. This was 70 cents.
For a few dollars more you could just go to the store and get one with sauce in it.

– The man sitting in front of me on the bus this morning straight up looked like he walked out of a 1982 metal band. Weird leather jacket with silver crosses embellishing the sides, voluminous mullet, acid wash jeans and a duffle bag that looked like it once belonged to Zack Morris. I could only capture the back of his head, but you get my drift here.

As you can see, I had a pretty eventful week. How was yours? Share your WTF moments below or on the Facebook Page!'
Written by Tracey