Happy Wednesday blogland! Since the last post, I’ve collected a few good WTF moments to share and a bunch of awesome ones from my readers. Let’s start with the Reader Comments of the Week:

– I saw a truck hauling a bunch of broken furniture and appliances as I was walking to work one morning. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the truck had bald mannequin heads on either side of the flatbed.

– I had a customer change topics from cat6a communications cable to wanting to take me to bed and then right back to ordering wire tray by the end of their emails.

– I parked in a parking lot, and the one spot left was next to a car that was parked very closed to the line next to the empty space. Before I could get out of the car the lady that drove the other car came out and hit my car with her door and proceeded to cuss me out and tell me that I needed to learn how to park when I was centered in my space. Then went on to rant that I was what was wrong with the world, “entitled people who get everything given to them, and have no respect for anyone else”.

– Looking for stuff for my classroom and came across this. Who’s going to want a smelly freezer?

–  This was one of the organizations that rented a conference room at the hotel we were staying at:

–  Funny enough, a friend sent me this picture of a scooter she saw. Further down in this post, I also have a WTF moment about my own encounter with a weird scooter.

– I didn’t have time to take a photo, but I saw this woman pushing a stroller with chrome spinners attached to the wheels. They actually spun. Don’t even know what to say about that.

I love when my readers share their own WTF moments with me. It makes me feel like I’m not the only one who has really bizarre stuff happen to them. Speaking of bizarre stuff, here are my WTF moments:

– I’ve been considering purchasing a treadmill off of Kijiji, so was looking into what ones were available in our area and how much they cost. That’s when I stumbled upon this gem. Wow, the treadmill looks great. It’s affordable and in good working order. Wait…I didn’t realize I could only purchase this treadmill if I had a dark coloured sectional to trade for. Good luck selling this treadmill “ASAP” when you are so specific in your demands. I mean what are the odds that a person wanting to sell a dark coloured sectional is also in the market for a gently used treadmill?

Mark and I were briefly considering a summer road trip to Boston, so I was looking for affordable hotels, when I found this review on Trip Adviser. Despite the fact that (and I quote) “the toilet is for midget” it appears to be the perfect hotel, as it is in close proximity to Starbucks.

– I ran into the grocery last week after working out to grab a few groceries. I thought I scored since I had found  a line with only one person in front of me. The lady turns to me with about a million coins in her hand, drops them all, picks them up and then looks at me and says, “You should probably find another line. I have a lot of coins that I no longer want to carry in my purse so I am going to be spending a lot of time at this register getting rid of them all.” At this point, she drops all her coins again. I move to another line, pay and leave while she is still there counting her dimes and quarters.

– This next moment is another case of “Tracey could not get her phone out in time to snap a picture.” I saw a homeless man who had constructed a “home” for himself by using an electronic scooter, somehow adding wooden boards to make a floor and roof (around the scooter) and then he had added solar panels to the “roof.” In additon, he also had a flat screen somehow mounted on the inside of this “solar powered wooden house on wheels.” I firstly have no idea how he constructed this, or if it even worked (he was pulling the “house” along as he walked down the street) and secondly, is he even considered homeless if he has this scooter house?

– Driving back to Ottawa after a weekend visiting my family, I saw this Jewish hitchhiker on the side of the very busy highway. I had just finished telling Mark that no one in their right mind picks up hitchhikers anymore, just as we see a man pull over and get out of his car. We notice he is wearing a yarmulke like the hitchhiker. I guess the guy figured it was the right thing to do to help a fellow Jewish brother out. I thought the whole thing was pretty random, but it was nice that the man got a ride and didn’t have to stand in the hot sun on the side of the road.

– My dog liked to grab things on our walks and hide them in his mouth until he we get home. I took him for a walk the other night and came home to see what I thought were false teeth on our rug. Thankfully, they were only prank teeth, but still, gross.

– And to end off this post, yesterday I saw a car driving the wrong way on a busy one way street downtown. Everyone was honking but it kept going because it couldn’t find anywhere to pull over and turn around.

Do you have any WTF moments to share? Leave them in the comments below.'
Written by Tracey