Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by to make me feel better about the WTF-worthy moments that make up my life. Here’s what I got this week:

– I was in line buying gum when I overheard the man paying in front of me (and by overhead, I mean he was yelling so everyone overheard). The cashier asked if he was going to be using his debit card and the man replied, “I don’t understand why people call it a debit card when it’s called Interact. I always say I am paying with Interact, In-ter-ACT so that they get confused, but that’s the real name of it, not debit.” No, sir. The real name is actually Interac. There is no T. So you are wrong. Please stop yelling and holding up the line to try to make a point that isn’t even remotely important or correct. Thanks.

– I somehow managed to press the call forward button on my phone at work. I had it on speaker phone (while I was on hold) and I think when I turned the speaker phone off I accidentally hit call forward and somehow my line got forwarded to the last number I called, which happened to be a golf club. My boss kept trying to call me and was getting a golf club, finally he emailed me confused, to which I embarrassingly had to reply that I had no clue how I had managed to that, but it was fixed and he could call me. I wanted to crawl under my desk and call it a day.

– Yesterday, I went into Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up some things, and when I rounded the aisle I witnessed a man dancing. Full on busting a grove to the easy listening tunes playing from the speakers at Shopper’s. When he saw me he didn’t even stop, he just kept bogeying as he chose which Kleenex box he wanted. In a way, I was like, “Good for you dancing man, you dance wherever you feel the urge,” but I was also like, “WTF. Please stop dancing so I can get by.”

– It’s Winter. It’s Canada. It’s cold, but that doesn’t warrant someone wearing TWO pairs of pants. More importantly, why is the bottom layer the jeans? I feel like that would be so hard to walk in…if it were me I would have went for a track pant personally. The jean on cargo pant combo seems too restricting. (Please note: Since I got so much slack last week for not capturing the Mr./Mrs. Plastic Snowman I made sure to snap a shot of Mr. Two Pants.)

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Written by Tracey