I have to say my collection of WTF moments for this week’s installment is a little on the small side, but hopefully I can still make you laugh.

Our Reader Comment of the Week comes from a dear friend and fellow blogger, Lauren from Klutz in High Heels:

“The other morning my coworker came into my cube to do our usual chit chat for 20 before we get to actual work. The first thing she tells me is, “The snake is gone in my house.” I said, “What?? What snake?” and she responded, “Daniel’s snake, it’s missing from its tank”. I said, “Holy crap, are you serious? So you are walking around your house with a SNAKE on the loose?”

She proceeded to tell me how it had been a few days before they even noticed he was missing, and that they were too cheap to buy a real snake habitat, so they were using an old fish tank where the top isn’t secure. Apparently, it slithered out of the top and is now somewhere unknown in her house!  She also has hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Let’s hope one of them doesn’t disappear!

Also note: It isn’t a small snake, mind you it is 3 FEET LONG. A BALL PYTHON. LOOSE. IN THE HOUSE. HOW DOES SHE SLEEP AT NIGHT!?!?!?!?”

So, this is a pretty hard story to top, but I’ll share my WTF moments from this week:

– I was walking home from work when I noticed this computer keyboard on someone’s driveway. I assumed it was free. Oh no, this keyboard that was left abandoned was retailing for $8.00. (There was a small price sticker on the top corner of the keyboard.) Not to mention that this clearly should have been free, why $8.00? It seemedlike such a random price. Please note that at the time of publication said keyboard was still for sale.

– Most of the Internet has seen this amazingly hilarious Starbucks video that has gone viral and for those loyal WTF Wednesday readers you know that misspelled Starbucks cups are something that happens to me on the daily.

-I had two pretty great misspellings this week that I just had to share. To put these into perspective, my name is spelled Tracey. The first attempt at spelling my name rendered “Tricie.” Not even sure how to pronounce that one.
misspelled starbucks cup
The second one, which I was blessed with yesterday, says Christin’ and yes, that appears to be an apostrophe at the end.

misspelled starbucks cup
And to end off this post, here’s some highlights from Kijiji’s free section:

– This pretty much speaks for itself, but I don’t care if its free I would not stick curlers that have been on a stranger’s head on my own head. Ever.

– Who knew used vegetable oil had so many uses!?

– I saved the best for last of course. I don’t even know what kind of witty remark to make about this one, I’m kind of speechless.

Do you have any funny WTF moments to share?
Since Starbucks is such a hot topic this week, what’s the most obscure way they have ever spelled your name?'
Written by Tracey