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Well my dear friends, this is my last WTF Wednesday before I become a married woman. Since I will be going on an extensive honeymoon right after the wedding, this series will be going on a brief hiatus until I return (the week of June 9). Don’t worry though. I will make sure to write down all my WTF moments while on the beaches of Jamaica (yes, I plan on bringing a notebook to write down potential blog posts). So let’s enjoy one final WTF Wednesday hurrah before my big day!
This lovely photo was submitted by Christa (who, along with her husband, have guest posted on this blog). Not only is the name of the company incredibly random, but their logo…WTF?! I tried to find more about this company online, but came up pretty empty handed. I wonder what kind of sports fit under the “spank ass” category?

– Since the keywords portion of my last post got a lot of comments I figured I would share another random keyword: “Aged boobs.” I can only assume they stumbled upon Just a Trace because of this post where I discussed my shrinking boobs. I mean, other than that, I’ve never really mentioned boobs on the blog.

– Mark and I went to Dairy Queen last week (shhhh I’m on a wedding diet…) because the confetti cake blizzard was calling my name. While waiting in line, I was perusing the ice cream cake options and noticed you could still order a Lizzie McGuire cake. Seriously, Hilary Duff is like in her mid twenties now and has a child and Lizzie McGuire stopped generating new episodes in 2004. (Yes, I did my research on this one…)

– Riding the bus has provided me with some good WTF moments (Proof: here and here and here).  Last week, I was minding my business, listening to some City + Colour on my iPhone with my Beats by Dre headphones on. A man decided to get up and move to the doors as he was getting off at the next stop. Well, it seems this man was not well versed at walking on a moving vehicle. He immediately lost his balance and in an attempt to grab the pole to steady himself, missed (apparently he does not have good depth perception either) and bashed me in the head. He bashed me in the head so hard my $200 headphones flew off my head and landed on the floor. He quietly apologized and ran off the bus, while I tried to figure out what exactly had just happened.

– I was walking down an escalator at lunch when a business man started walking down as well, only he decided halfway down that he actually wanted to back up. Instead of riding the escalator down and then taking the escalator directly beside it back up, he decided to turn around and start running up the down escalator, while humming the Mario Bros. theme song. Impressively, he made it back to the top.

– On the weekend, Mark and I went to the Tulip Festival happening here in Ottawa and we brought our dog, Winston. We have no kids so Winston gets a lot of attention and gets to be in a lot of pictures. I was taking a picture of Mark and Winston in front of a tulip bed because last year when Winston was a puppy we took the same picture. We thought it would be cute to compare the two pictures to see how much he has grown in the last year. After taking the picture, we turn to see a man (or woman, I am still not 100% sure the sex of this person) staring at us. This person was one of those people that invades your personal space by standing a little too close. He starts rambling, “Well this is too funny. Usually you see people taking pictures of their kids, not their pooch, but you’re taking a picture of your pooch.” He repeated variations of the same phrase a few times and then lingered way too long. It was completely awkward. I wanted to respond with “Sir (or Ma’am) you’re wearing a t-shirt from Northern Getaway with wolves on it. Why are you judging me for my life choices?” Instead, I just smiled and walked away from the awkwardness. Oh, and for the record, the picture turned out pretty cool:

Have any WTF moments? Share them in the comments below and they will be featured in the next WTF Wednesday post.


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    After reading all these bus moments, it makes me wonder if you have consider other transportation! Also, have a fabulous time in Jamaica!

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    I truly enjoy looking at the keywords that people use to find my blog. Some of them are so absurd and I have no idea how they find me by searching for them lol.

  3. says

    i love this so much! have a great wedding + honeymoon and you better show all the pictures as i am all the jealous. spank ass sports.. no words.

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    That Lizzie McGuire ice cream is hilarious! Seriously, how long ago was that show even on?? Congratulations and good luck with your wedding!! Can’t wait to see any pics you post!

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    Seriously your WTF Wednesday posts are my most favorite posts ever in all of blogland (speaking the straight truth). The way you write them I just feel like I’m living that same awkward as situation with you. “Sir (or Ma’am) you’re wearing a t-shirt from Northern Getaway with wolves on it. Why are you judging me for my life choices?” <–died….dead….I can’t even. This has to be your funniest yet! Oh and the picture is perfect!

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    Lol. Aged boobs? Who knew! I get some weird search terms on my blog too. It’s called The Naked Decorator, so if you can imagine. Lol. I think I will be getting on the Spank Ass Sports website stat! :-)

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    Your post is truly funny. I can’t imagine having someone in the bus bumping on your head. Maybe you should take a cab next time. But then again, buses are more random and interesting things can happen anytime. :) I can’t wait for the next post!

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    Haha I love your WTF Wednesday posts! And that Lizzie McGuire cake – I’d totally buy that. That was a great show! Enjoy Jamaica – I can’t wait to read all about your WTF moments when you get back!

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    It’s so funny how many off the wall things happen in life. Despite the weird guy getting in your biz with about the photo, I think it came out nice and is a good memory. Both tulips and puppy grew!

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