This week I tried to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS7 and quickly realized my phone did not have the required 2.9 GB of space needed because of the hundreds of pictures and other mindless things I had stored on my phone. In an effort to make some room in my poor, overcrowded iPhone I began deleting useless pictures taken over the years. This was when I realized I had an overwhelming number of “Starbucks cup fail pictures” saved to my phone. Enough, in fact, that it warranted a whole WTF Wednesday post.

Before we delve any deeper into this topic, I have to state that I am huge Starbucks fan. A grande Americano is like pure crack to me. A pumpkin spice latte (no whip) is my idea of heaven. Being inside Starbucks is my happy place.  In fact, I am sipping from my Starbucks cup as I write this post!

But we’ve all been there, standing at the bar for our delicious steaming cup of caffeine on an early Monday morning, waiting anxiously to hear our name called. That glorious moment where we push our way to the front to grab the cup with our name on it, except it’s not exactly our name, is it? Maybe there is an extra letter, or a few missing or it’s spelled out phonetically. You give the barista a break because taking down all those names so quickly can’t be easy, but sometimes you just have to laugh at how far they miss the mark.

In honour of Starbucks and their inability to spell even the simplest of names, I bring you my collection of misspelled cups. As with any WTF Wednesday post, we know it’s more fun if it’s interactive. If this has happened to you, or better yet if you have captured a picture of this travesty, let me know in the comments or on my Facebook Page!

My skinny vanilla latte….for Jason.  Such a manly drink choice, Jason. The best part of this one was that I was the only one there so it was definitely my drink.
I will give credit where credit is due. The two times where my name was spelled right, which is actually a huge feat since my name is consistently spelled wrong by everyone.'
Written by Tracey