After living a virtually WTF free life for the majority of 2015, I jumped back on the WTF train a few weeks ago when I shared my experience at an interpretive dance-like Zumba class. Since then, the WTF moments have been happening non-stop.

– I was in Toronto a few weeks ago and stopped at the mall to check out Forever 21. In front of Forever 21 was a large woman wearing a crop top, dancing like a maniac, while filming herself on an iPad mini. She remained dancing for the entire hour I was in the mall, and who knows how long after I left.

– Travel on any form of public transportation and you are bound to encounter a few strange folks. I was on the VIA Rail train a few weeks ago when a woman decided she needed to stretch her legs. Fair enough. However, she proceeded to lunge up and down the aisle in our train car and then on each turn she would stop and chat with a stranger. She stopped to talk to the woman across from me about the novel she was reading and asked her if she had met the author. She was floored when the woman reading the book explained that she hadn’t and then went on about what a nice guy the author was. I thought this was pretty strange. I mean, how many of us have actually met the author of the book we are reading? Thankfully after this conversation she lunged past me and didn’t ask me any questions about the book I was reading.

– I was waiting for the bus the other day when one of those really long buses pulled up to let people off. These buses have multiple doors you can exit out of. However, with the snow piles being huge these days, I always make it a point to exit near the front where the driver will make sure that door exits to a clear path. I guess one guy decided it was fine to exit towards the back, but when the door opened not only was there a huge snow pile but there was also a steel fence. Instead of rushing to another door he decided to jump over the fence, which was probably only about four feet tall, but he failed to realize that when jumped over the fence he would land in a five foot tall pile of dirty snow…and he was wearing running shoes. I watched this all go down and then watched his face when he realizes his impeding doom. He climbs out of the snow pile, now wet and dirty and swears under his breath as he walks away.

– The other night my husband was out of town and I was home alone. Bored, I decided to crawl into bed a little early. As I got into bed I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I immediately pulled my foot out from under the sheet and noticed a small piece of glass stuck in my foot, which was now bleeding profusely. I still have no clue how a piece of glass managed to not only make its way into my bed, but then lodge itself into my foot. I just have the best luck I guess.


– We were driving by a local restaurant when I saw this advertisement with a “chef” on it. A chef that looks like an upside down…I’ll let you fill in the rest of that sentence.


– The final WTF moment comes from one of my friends, who texted me this picture of a “sale” at her local grocery store. The item was one cent off. Not only is that hardly a sale, but here in Canada we are phasing out the penny so this deal would be rounded up to $1.00 whether it was 98 cents or 99 cents if the person pays with cash. Bargain.

What WTF moment do you have to share this week?'
Written by Tracey