Two things must be noted at the start of this post. I never do weekend update posts. The reason I am doing this one is because I think it’s nice to see more of the blogger behind the blog. Plus, I was running a little low on creative ideas for a blog post today.

Secondly, I’m doing this weekend recap on a Tuesday, because Monday was a holiday here in Canada so us Canadians enjoyed a long weekend! Also, please don’t be alarmed at what a simple, suburban wife I have become.


After work on Friday, Mark and I met up with a bunch of our friends at a local pub, where I had the most delicious white wine sangria. I was excited to see our group of friends since we hadn’t hung out since my wedding back in May, plus any excuse to throw on these cute wedges from Spring.


Saturday I had all intentions of starting to train for a 5 km I am running at the end of September (more on this in another post) but decided to just watch one episode of Suits. Isn’t this how it all starts with Netflix? One episode turns into two, and then the next thing I know it’s almost noon and I’m done season 3. (Side note: I love Suits. It’s so well cast. I love the fashion. I also work in the legal field in the corporate environment and they actually film Suits on Bay Street in Toronto where I used to work. Some shots are even in my old workplace, which makes me wish I had watched Suits when I lived there so I could have been on 24/7 Harvey Spector watch).

After Suits, I decided to continue my lazy streak and work on my tan in our pool. I spent the rest of the afternoon floating around and listening to the radio.

After dinner, Mark and I took our dog Winston to Petsmart to get his nails trimmed and picked him up a new toy. The staff at the Petsmart we go to are great. For some reason, Winston always puts up a fit when we try to clip his nails ourselves but he is so sweet and stands so still when he is at the store. I wish he would understand that his mama doesn’t want to spend $12 when she could just cut his nails herself, but he seems to only stand stall for the Petsmart staff.

And now you may be thinking, “Did your fun Saturday night in suburban Ottawa end there?” Oh no, friends. After that, Mark and I dropped Winston at home and headed to Lowe’s to shop for some new lights for the exterior of our house. We also stopped in the grocery store to pick up a few things and maybe a cupcake or two from the bakery.

We came home and watched some Netflix until around midnight. We watched That Thing You Do, a movie I remember seeing in theatres when I like ten years old.


Sunday morning Mark and I drove to Gatineau Park in Quebec to visit the Mackenzie King Estate. For my American and international friends, Mackenzie King was the Prime Minister in Canada in the 20s and 30s. The estate in Gatineau housed his cottage, along with beautiful hiking/walking trails and gardens.

There was one part of the hike that led you to a waterfall. We had to go through that dark, wet hole to get to the waterfall.

And then when we did get to the waterfall, it was dried up. We were winded and hot and spent all that time getting there, so I took a picture anyways.

After building up an appetite, Mark treated me to lunch at the tea room they had on the grounds.  I had the most amazing smoked salmon sandwich and home made iced tea. They smoked the salmon right there on site. The owner told me it was so good it would bring a tear to my eye. He was correct in the fact that it was quite epic as far as smoked salmon goes.

Since we had gotten up early that day, we still had most of the afternoon. Mark spent the afternoon putting up our new lights on the front of the house and I read gossip magazines and tanned.


Monday morning Mark got up really early and went golfing with his friends. I decided it was finally time to get serious and start training for that 5 km. Now, I can lift heavy weights and hold a plank for a ridiculously long time, but I cannot for the life of me run. I have no endurance at all. So in the words of Drake, I’m starting from the bottom. This was me pre-run.

After the run, I came home and ate breakfast. I then got my chores out of the way and cleaned the entire house. Did anyone else watch Big Comfy Couch when they were a kid? I wish there was such thing as the ten second tidy in real life. The cleaning really cut into my pool time.

After cleaning, I hopped in the pool and then Mark came home. Shortly after, a few of our friends showed up at our door with hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and chips and we had an impromptu BBQ and swim.

After they left, Mark and I vegged on the couch with some Netflix and had some dinner. Our friends had told us about this huge dog park right in our neighbourhood called Apollo Crater dog park so we took Winston there. It was huge.

When we came back I started saying how after long walks when I was a kid, I always wanted a Popsicle. We couldn’t stop thinking about Popsicles so I took the car and zipped over to the grocery store. Everything was on sale, so I ended up coming home with more than I had anticipated #sorrynotsorry.

We ended off the weekend by starting The Killing on Netflix. We only watched the first episode but it seems pretty good. We have been watching a lot of stuff on Netflix and I’m thinking of sharing a list of what we have watched recently with short reviews. Would you be interested in reading that?

The weekend was relaxing and not overly exciting, but just perfect for me. It was nice to have a weekend with no commitments where we could truly relax.

What did you do this weekend?'
Written by Tracey