You can’t force love. Yes, this is a true fact, but at the same time your actions can prevent you from finding the one you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. You know you’re a catch, so why are you still single? Maybe it’s because you are falling victim to one of these three relationship killing mistakes.


1. Following invisible rules – My husband was guilty of this after our first date. Some bad advice from a male friend led him to believe he needed to wait three days until he contacted me. He thought he was playing it cool and I thought I had read his signals wrong and he actually wasn’t interested in me. In fact, I had set up two other dates by the time he finally called me. Rules like this are confusing and can cause you to miss out on dating someone. Rather than try to follow made up or outdated rules, just follow your personal judgment. If you had an awesome time and want to let the person know, text them after to say thanks. Sometimes acting from the heart works better than trying to do what you think society deems correct.

2.  Holding onto your routine – Being single in your twenties can be awesome. You’re free of attachment, young, good looking, childless…the world is your oyster. It can be easy to fall into a routine: Monday night Crossfit, Thursday night post-work drinks, Saturday afternoon at the farmer’s market. You may get so used to your routine that you become inflexible when it comes to shifting things around to make time for a new guy. If there’s one thing I learned about the online dating world is that men get bored. Rather than postponing for another week, be relaxed with your schedule and willing to shift things around to make time for dating because while you’re box jumping at Crossfit he could be swiping right to someone else.

3. Setting unrealistic deadlines – Possibly the worst thing you could do for yourself is setting your self worth with a number. “I’ll be married by thirty” or “I’ll have children by the time I’m thirty-two” are both completely limiting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to have something to work towards, but what formula did you use to determine these were the right ages to complete such giant milestones? The only thing that putting these strict deadlines on yourself will do is cause you to panic and even rush into something that isn’t what you want just to achieve something you thought was the defining moment of your life.

 Have you ever found yourself partaking in one of these dating mistakes?

Written by Tracey