Today’s dating story is a way back play back. We’re going back in time, before I ever knew what online dating was. Back to a time where meeting guys was as easy. I’m taking about my first year of university.

M and I were in the same tutorial group that met every Monday in the basement of one of our university’s oldest buildings. It was a class of about fifteen people and to be really honest, I never even noticed M existed.

One Monday afternoon it was my turn to do a presentation in front of our class. After class, M ran after me and complimented me on my presentation. We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked me if I had anything to do. I didn’t have class for a few hours so he asked if I would go to the campus bookstore and help look for a new backpack. We had a fun time, laughing and joking around and finally settled on a backpack. When M went to pay with his student card, it didn’t work so he said he would get the card fixed later and then come back to the store and get the backpack another time.

Before we parted ways, M asked me out for that Friday night and I said yes. The next day M suggested we go to a local university pub for our date. The only issue was that we were both still eighteen (the legal drinking age here is nineteen). No problem for M though. He asked for my old driver’s license and said he could make it into a fake ID that would get me in.


Friday night rolls around and M picks me up in his car. He hands me my fake ID, but cautions me to be careful because “it’s still wet.” I look at the shoddy craftsmanship on the ID and wonder how it will work. Somehow it does work and we get in. We grab a booth and M orders some garlic bread (seriously? GARLIC bread?!) and some drinks. I wasn’t really hungry, but M insists I have a piece so I oblige. While eating my garlic bread, M states, “Aww your little tummy is so cute.” The “little tummy” he is referring to is the roll of fat that my tight skinny jeans have created, a muffin top if you will. Since this was my younger days, I know for a fact I was skinnier than I am now, probably by about ten pounds, so this little roll was hardly a tummy. Anyways, this comment really offended me, plus what guys says this on a first date (or ever!).

I put down my garlic bread and M goes, “Oh, don’t be one of those girls. Eat it.” I eat my bread and get over the comment, but am a little unsure of M. After the date, M says we can go for a drive. I think it would be nice to drive around, since it’s a warm spring night. M’s idea of driving around involves driving right to “makeout point” and turning off the car. This wasn’t what I had in mind, but the few drinks I’ve had make me a little more liberal than normal. I decide it’s OK for me to kiss M for a little bit.

After a few minutes of kissing M, he pulls away and grabs my hand….which he promptly sticks on top of his jeans right where his “package” is. Yes, my hand is currently on M’s denimed junk. He looks at me and with all seriousness says, “This is what you do to me.” I, having never been in this odd predicament before, had no clue what to say to this. Being the polite, eighteen year old I was, I muttered a quiet “thank you” and asked M to drive me home.

I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough when M pulled up to my house. For some reason, I gave M another chance and we hung again on campus the next week. He apologized for the weird hand-on-junk incident and told me he had a confession to make. He never needed a new backpack and he knew his student card didn’t work. It was all a ploy to get me to spend time with him. He knew that when we got to the cash register, he wouldn’t have to actually buy the backpack because his card was broken. I guess most people would think this was sweet, but I thought it was weird. I decided M and I weren’t meant to be. Thankfully the school year was almost done so I didn’t see M much after that. M was my first dating adventure with a university boy and I have to thank him for making it an interesting one and leaving me a great story to tell.

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Written by Tracey