After living in Ottawa for over two years, I’ve realized that when it comes to date night I need to expand my sights past the Ontario border. The Outaouais region, comprised of the area of Western Quebec near the Ontario border is jam packed with fun things to do. Now you’re probably thinking, well Tracey, you don’t even speak French? “Fun” translates into any language, but even better, I have never encountered a language barrier while in the Outaouais region. So drive, bike, or even walk over the border into Outaouais and try one of these spots for your next date:

Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival – This year marks the 62nd annual Tulip Festival which runs from May 8-18.  The festival covers an expansive route through both Ontario and Quebec and showcases more than three million tulips. Take a relaxing afternoon walk and enjoy the spring colours of the tulips. The festival is free so if you’re looking for a date that doesn’t cost any money, this is your event!

Nordik Spa Nature

Nordik Spa-Nature – I have a whole blog posted dedicated to Nordik, so it is no surprise it has shown up on my list. If you haven’t been to this oasis, it is located in Chelsea, only ten minutes from downtown Ottawa and is the largest spa in all of North America. Enjoy a day, or night, of relaxation in one of Nordik’s eight saunas, seven baths and their panoramic infinity pool (my favourite!).

Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park – Gatineau Park is another great free date spot. Located just fifteen minutes from downtown Ottawa, it is an awesome spot to immerse yourself in nature. The park features historical sites, unique plants and wildlife and is a great spot for an afternoon picnic, hike or bike ride.

Parc Omega

Parc Omega –  A little farther out than the rest of the date options, Parc Omega is located in the beautiful town of Montebello (if you’re looking to make this an overnight date, I would recommend the Fairmont Montebello). I like to call this spot, the “Canadian version of African Lion Safari.” You drive your car around scenic paths and encounter various wildlife from Bison to Moose to Foxes. You can drive at your pace and feed the animals carrots that you can purchase in the gift shop. This is a great interactive date that will keep you on your toes as you dodge Moose slobber!

Have you travelled to the Outaouais region?
Make sure to use the hashtag #OutaouaisisFun on your next date so I can follow along on your fun!

Written by Tracey