This is the second part in this three part date story. Read Part 1 here

I don’t know if deep down Sheldon thought maybe he would get lucky because his apartment left much to be desired. It was your basic single guy apartment with a X Box, movie posters and a kitchen full of cereal boxes and beer.

At this point, we are in the entryway of Sheldon’s apartment and I still don’t know why we are here. I keep my winter coat on and zipped up so that Sheldon knows I am not staying.

Okay team, so this is the part where I need to take a break in the story and ask you a question. You know when you’ve had a few two many drinks and things start to get a little confusing? Like take for instance you see something that confuses you out of your mind, but the small sober part inside you somewhere says you need to keep that to yourself because if you ask the other person about the thing that confuses you it will embarrass them. Does this even make sense?


Back to the story and yes, that break was important because here is that example illustrated on my date with Sheldon: Sheldon goes to grab something to show me and I notice that on his entryway table there is concealer and a makeup sponge. Now, in my drunken stupor I think, “WTF Sheldon told me he lives alone! He has a girlfriend!!” but then that sober part of me thinks that Sheldon is so sweet and he would not take me on a date and bring me back to his place if he had a girlfriend because then I would see her stuff and confront him on it. That is when it hits me, it’s Sheldon’s makeup. He wears makeup. I know that I should pretend that I don’t see it, as not embarrass him, but my filter when drunk is non-existent so instead I blurt out, “You wear makeup?!”

Stop by the blog next Thursday for the conclusion of my most epic first date ever.


Written by Tracey