Last week I went on 9 dates in one night. Yes, you read that right; 9 different guys in under 2 hours. How did I accomplish this you might be asking? Easy, I went speed dating! A few months ago I saw an online offer for a speed dating event in Toronto through Single In the City and thought “I’ve got nothing to lose” so I bought one and ventured to the great unknown with a close single friend.

The event was being held at a bar in midtown so I decided to wear jeans, a sweater and tall boots, the same as my Dinner and Movie outfit from my date outfits post! Because I was going to be meeting a bunch of different men, I wanted to keep my clothing as neutral as possible so this was a good choice. I also kept my makeup light but had a pretty new lipstick on so I felt super confident, albeit a little nervous.

Not knowing what to expect, my friend V and I entered the bar and were immediately greeted by the smiling face of the organizer. We were given name tags and a sheet about horoscopes, which was the theme for the night. Each session will have a theme that you can look to in the event of not having anything to talk about. We also received our score card which we were to use to write down the date’s name, and say if we’de want to see them again. After the event, anyone you matched with would show upon your online profile with their contact info. We were told not to exchange contact info at the event, which seemed fair to me. I wouldn’t want to see a guy I said yes to give his number to another girl before the night was done, so I think this was a nice, considerate element of the evening.

After a brief introduction about how things work and what the process was, we were off to the races with 4 minutes per date. The experience was a mixed bag of men, with no one specific “type” being the majority. I took a few notes on some of the guys so I could remember them when I went back to make my final matching choices. I admit that the first two rotations were a bit awkward, but it became easy after that.


Here’s what I thought of some of my guys:

J- the first guy to sit in front of me (women sit, men rotate), he looked like he was just too cool to be there. His eyes stayed semi closed, as if he was trying to seduce me or give me a bedroom stare. Since there were 9 other couples talking loudly around us, it was hard to hear his whisper-like, seduction voice. It was awkward and his ego was so inflated that I circled no instantly.

A- The next guy to appear opposite the table seemed nice, funny, and we had a great time talking. He asked me something no one had ever asked before; what would you do if you were invisible. I appreciated being challenged, and told him I would sit in on a secret board meeting to learn market secrets and become rich. He was nice to talk to, but I didn’t feel a connection.

T- This guy was one to write home about. Where the first guy was quietly seducing me (unsuccessfully), this guy flat out went for it. He must have called me beautiful 38 times in 4 minutes and kept commenting on what a beautiful body I had and how he really wanted to see me dressed up for work. All I did was pray to dating Jesus that the 4 minutes would end soon. I said No to that one, needless to say.

M- M was the man of my dreams. Gorgeous, quiet, and so sexy. Unlike all the other guys who forced conversation and seemed like speed dating pros, this guy allowed silence to fill some gaps. While this might seem awkward to some, I found it oddly sexy and tense in a good way. We matched, but didn’t end up connecting afterward.

J- J was drunk. Flat out hammered. I had one glass of wine the whole night and this guy must have had 7 beers at least. He told me about this one time he farted on the job and his boss turned it into a YouTube video. Thanks J, but No thanks.

All in all, I matched with two out of the nine guys I met. I had said “yes” to three, so that means that only one didn’t match me back, which is okay. While nothing has come of the matches I did make, it was a great way to experience something new and meet new people. Plus, it was a fun night out with a good girl friend. Initially, I had discredited the whole speed dating thing as being something I would never do, but it turns out it was a lot of fun. I am starting to realise that dating has evolved to a point where you need to try new things whether you like it or not. It might be uncomfortable, it might be slightly painful at times, but going with the flow is necessary. If you’re looking to try speed dating, check out the daily Groupon type deals in your area. I always see a ton offered in Toronto, and it was definitely worth the money spent. At the end of the day, what have you got to lose? And hey, maybe you’ll meet the man of your dreams before the maraca shake tells you to move on!

Have you ever tried speed dating? Leave a comment below!

Written by Cat