I have decided that I want to incorporate my wedding into my blog, as it is going to be something that is going to be taking up a good amount of my brain for the next year. I thought long and hard about this, because there is a fine line between fun and geniune bridal posts and braggy, annoying bridezilla rants.

I don’t think it’s in me to be a bridezilla. I’ve seen some of these zillas in my time and it’s not a flattering way to act. Right now (and I say right now, as I’ve been engaged for only a month) I am able to keep the stress level low. It may be selfish, but I look at this wedding as “what do my fiance and I want?” Unlike many, I am  not getting married for show. Believe me, I think most brides start out getting married for the right reasons because they want to be with the love of their life forever. However, somewhere between cake tasting and printing invitations, they get caught up in show of it. The wedding is no longer about looking into your partner’s eyes and making that life long commitment, it’s about how many courses your dinner will have and whether or not your ring is bigger than your friend’s that got married last summer.

I know this is probably coming off like I am some “holier than thou” bride, but the one thing I have promised myself is that I will never forget the reason why I am getting married. Honestly, I could care less what people think about my invitations, my ring, my dress, my cake. First off, six months down the line ask someone that attended your wedding what your cake looked like and tell me if they remember. Secondly, these items are meaningless. When you’re ten years deep into your marriage, it’s not going to be a strong marriage because you had a $5,000 wedding dress or the best venue this side of Ontario. It’s going to hold strong because you built good foundations.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there is going to be stress and there are going to be moments where I want those Louboutins to walk down the aisle in, but then I think, “girl, check yourself before you wreck yourself!” I’m not going to throw myself into the poorhouse for ONE day and I’m also not going to spend the next 365 days edgy, angry and stressed for ONE day. It doesn’t make sense and it’s not worth it.

I love planning. I love decorating. I love everything aesthetically pleasing. I love DIY. Planning this wedding is a joy to me. It is going to be a true reflection of my fiance and I, and I look forward to making it unique to us, while staying on a budget and incorporating a lot of DIY!

I’m sure not everyone will agree with this post (I’m looking at you veteren brides!). Some may say my optimism and good intentions will fall by the wayside as I get deeper into planning this wedding and stresses become more real (i.e. we can’t invite great uncle Bob or sit cousin Suzy near Aunt Bertha…), but I like to believe that I am going to spend the next year excited and happy and will not forget the real reason why I am getting married.

So follow me along if you like. All bridal related posts will be under the heading “Weddings.” All wedding tips, advice and encouragement welcome in the comments!'
Written by Tracey