Before I had a baby, I had so many (naive) visions of what it would be like. I pictured working out while the baby napped (nope), making elaborate dinners while the baby napped (nope) and keeping the house in immaculate condition while the baby napped (do babies actually nap?). Slowly I let go of all these things.

I am proud to say that I do cook dinner every night. However, there are nights when cooking is the last thing in the world I want to do, and even if I do cook, cleaning up afterwards is definitely the last thing in the world I want to do. In our house, we started doing takeout one night a week. However, after a month we pretty much exhausted all the places in close proximity to our house.

Scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago, I saw a post for Skip the Dishes. Anything that boasted about not doing the dishes had me clicking to find out more. Skip the Dishes connects you to local restaurants and food couriers so you can enjoy your favourite meal without leaving your house and without the dishes. This itself is pretty darn cool because it opens you up to many more dining choices then just the regular fast food delivery services out there. After downloading the App, I was shocked to see how many restaurants were partnered with Skip the Dishes and was excited to see some that I had been wanting to try for a while.

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What I actually loved most about Skip the Dishes is your ability to track EVERYTHING. I remember during the first few weeks after my daughter was born, being home alone and starving and wanting to order takeout. Everything was all well and good until I realized I would have no idea how long it would take for the food to come. What if it came and I was in the middle of breastfeeding? It would be such a pain to stop, get dressed and run to the door while my baby screamed in protest. With Skip the Dishes, you get a notification when the restaurant receives your order and then an approximate time of when it will be ready. If you’re using the delivery service you can literally track your food on a map as its making its way to your house. How cool is that? No surprises and no wondering when it will arrive.

For my inaugural Skip the Dishes meal, I opted to try a local favourite called The Powerhouse. It was Friday night, my daughter was in bed for the night and my husband and I were starving. I placed my order using the Skip the Dishes website (instead of the App) because it was easier for my husband and I to look at the menu on a larger screen, but this can also easily be done via mobile.

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After placing our order, we waited while our order was sent off to the restaurant. In under ten minutes, I had a message confirming my order was being prepared and a time when I could pick it up. We opted to pick up the food since my husband needed to run a few errands beforehand and he said the food was ready and waiting when he got there.

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After trying Skip the Dishes once, I was sold. I loved the convenience factor and the tons of restaurant options it offers. This is definitely the best way to do takeout in my opinion!


This Friday, I tried out the delivery option using the Skip the Dishes App. Um, where have you been all my life? I ordered food while sitting on my couch and literally watched as my order was confirmed with my food courier and the restaurant, when my courier left to pick it up, when she left the restaurant and then I tracked her car as it drove to my house.


How handy is this? No need to keep an ear out for the door when you can just watch the App to see when exactly your driver will be there. I was also able to tip her when I placed the order online so there was no rummaging around for change.

I would highly recommend checking to see if Skip the Dishes is in your city. They just started serving Hamilton with ASAP orders being able to be placed as early as 11:30 AM for lunch. You can also order in advance and set a time for when you want the food ready for pick up or delivery.

Since I can’t stop raving about Skip the Dishes and I really want you to try them out, Skip the Dishes has generously offered my readers 10% off their next order. Simply enter JUSATRACE at checkout!

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Written by Tracey