Single on Valentine's Day

Everyone knows that sometimes February fourteenth sneaks up on you, and if you find yourself without a special someone when it does, V-day can start to feel more like D-day. Well, always nice to have a day dedicated to the gross overexposure to other people’s happiness, or “romance” as the kids are calling it… But really, Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, and that’s pretty nice no matter how you slice it. So this year, instead of mourning the box of chocolate no one bought for you, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and make your own Valentine’s Day fun! This February fourteenth, why not try…

Calling up a loved one.

Who said that the day of love has to refer exclusively to romantic love? Tons of people out there are crazy about you, even if you don’t see an engagement ring on the horizon, so why not give one of them a different kind of ring! Your mom, your best friend, your sister, someone will be happy to hear from you, so grab your phone and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day!

Watch some Disney movies.

Disney movies are known as the supreme rulers of all that is warm and fuzzy, but they never limit themselves to just romance. Cinderella may find her prince charming, but she finds herself first! These adorable, happy films are a great way to spend any evening, especially one when you want to be reminded that there’s so much more out there than long winded eye contact and candle lit… bath tubs? Who needs any of that when you can watch cartoon pups fall in love over spaghetti in your pyjamas!

Comfort Food.

Not that you’d need any comforting when you’ve got your own rad company, but hear me out, what’s better than fancy food at a fancy restaurant in fancy clothes? Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, pizza, ice cream, four bags of chips, a milk shake and the privacy of your own home, while your fancy clothes are in the laundry, freeing you from Don’t Ruin This Nice Dress Anxiety™. No judging here and it’s a holiday, so go all out!


Card Making.

It’s so lame that it’s fun! Remember when you were little and you gave them out to all your friends? That was fun, so why not bring it back? There are tons of cute design ideas online and it’s a super sweet craft to play around at. Plus, think of all the positive vibes a relaxing afternoon of crafting happy thoughts for your friends will bring you! Everyone loves a good card, so get to work Cupid.

Making Your Red Flag List.

Even if you’re single for this one day of the year, you probably don’t plan on staying single forever, and with that in mind, it’s probably time to make your Red Flag list. It’ll be your best friend when you’ve got your eye out for a potential partner. The idea behind the list is pretty simple, all there is to it is writing down the all things that you absolutely will not put up with in any future relationships so that, when the time rolls around and you might not be thinking straight, you can check the list and make sure you aren’t going in blinded by love! You’d be surprised how often it can happen.

Going Out.

Paint the town Pink! Grabs some equally as single friends and hit the dance floor, the pub, the highway, where ever! As nice as staying in can be, there’s no reason to let couples have all the out on the town fun, so grab whatever you need and take back the night on behalf of singles everywhere!

The most important part of any night of fun is of course the delicious drinks. Everybody has that one drink they just can’t refuse, whether it’s mostly alcohol or mostly sugar. Not to mention that this tip doubles as most delicious and most efficient, since it goes so perfectly with both the perfect night in and the perfect night out.


Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty in naming the most delicious tip, because chocolate sure can hold its own… In fact, forget love, Chocolate may just be the best part of this whole holiday! Delicious and just about everywhere, there’s no reason not to go out and buy your own chocolate! In fact, buying your own is way better than having someone buy it for you, because you know what you want and you’re independent. You work hard, so put Romance Chocolate behind you and pick up a box of far more delicious Success Chocolate! The world is your oyster!

That right, if you think about it, being single on Valentine’s Day has nothing but up sides, and now you have the opportunity to go discover them! Time to be your own Valentine and make it the best year yet!


Written by Isabel MacFarlane
Isabel is a soon to be uni student planning to take the world by storm but not yet quite sure how. Confident that if she casts her net wide enough she’ll be bound to reel in the best and brightest that life has to offer, she is just now beginning to blindly amble through the many doors ahead and doing her best to make the most of what she finds on the other side. So far so good!