VII Code Eye Mask

I don’t know about you, but in the last few years I’ve noticed some changes. Changes in the form of wrinkles, dark circles and smile lines forming around my eyes. I know I’m approaching thirty and countless years in the sun without sunscreen or sunglasses baking away as a teenager has clearly taken its toll. Now, my main focus is to prevent any future wrinkles and diminish what damage I’ve already done.

I already use a great skincare regimen (Arbonne), but wanted something to give my eyes some added help. This is where VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask comes in. The company graciously sent me a box of their overnight eye masks to try out.

What are these mystery eye masks you ask? The VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask contains a variety of special plant oxygen extracts and deep sea biological extracts to repair the skin around your eyes to reduce dark circles, prevent wrinkles, crow’s feet, and similar issues. Applying this mask will give your skin cells additional energy and stronger capacity to perform self-repair. The best part is that you can use them while you sleep, waking up the next morning with smooth-looking, radiant eyes.

VII Code Oxygen Mask

When I first agreed to try out the eye masks, I didn’t realize they had to be worn overnight so initally I was a bit skeptical. Would the mask stay on? Would I have an allergic reaction? Would it even work?Well, I did what any good blogger would do. I set my skepticism aside and tried them out.

I completed my nightly skincare routine and ended off with the eye mask. Each mask is individually packaged to preserve the active ingredients so I popped one package out of the box. The mask comes with two pieces, one for each eye. I was impressed to see how easily the masks adhered to my under eye area. Instantly, I felt a cooling sensation under my eyes. It was relaxing and soothing, making this mask perfect for long-haul flights. I have to admit it took me a few minutes to get used to sleeping with something so close to my eyes, but I was asleep in no time.

VII Code Oxygen Mask Review

The masks can be worn for eight hours, so I wore mine all night and removed them when I woke up (and I have to say they were still in the same spot as where I stuck them before going to bed!). After removing the masks, I noticed that my under eye area was hydrated, smooth, and my fine lines were improved due to the plumping effect of the mask. My eyes looked bright, refreshed and my makeup applied flawlessly.

I really liked the addition of the VII Code overnight eye masks to my nightly routine.  I saw instant results and enjoyed the relaxing feeling of the masks on my skin. I ended up finishing the entire box and am now planning on ordering a second box (VII Code recommends using three boxes to get the best results). Want to try these luxury eye masks for yourself? Get yours at or on Amazon.'
Written by Tracey