Someone should have told me that becoming a parent means you instantly need more space on your phone. My phone’s photo roll is currently comprised of probably close to 500 pictures of my five-month-old daughter Bria.

Now back in the day, and I’m aging myself here, I remember constantly walking around with disposable cameras. You’d snap pictures, then drop them off at the local photo lab and patiently wait (and hope) that the pictures turned out. I remember covering my bedroom walls with pictures, my locker at school and having tons of photo albums. Now, the only photo albums I have are on Facebook.

I miss the days of actual, physical pictures. Especially now with a child, I would love to have a scrapbook of photos to pass down to her when she is older versus giving her a USB filled with pictures.

But with being a mom means that a lot of the times things like printing pictures get pushed to the end of the list. Bundling up your baby and driving to the big box store, waiting for the pictures to print out, in the words of Sweet Brown: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


Enter Prynt, a phone case that turns your smartphone into a camera. Simply attach your phone to the case, open the App, snap your pic (or use a picture already stored in your phone) and push print! That’s it. What’s even cooler is all the fun bells and whistles that make Prynt so unique! The app allows you to customize your picture with filters and text. Each printed picture also contains a hidden video. Yes, while you’re snapping your picture Prynt is taking video and storing it, so when you give your friends the picture all they need to do is hover over it using the Prynt App and they will be able to watch your hidden message. Printing pictures is also fast and easy. Prynt uses inkless technology to print smudge and tear resistant photos. This also means no ink cartridges to replace!


Having Prynt in my life has made capturing memories of Bria even more fun and it definitely helped my scrapbook project become a reality. I don’t even need glue since the Prynt pictures have adhesive backs. Seriously, Prynt has thought of everything!


We have Bria’s christening coming up and I can’t wait to bring Prynt along. We can snap pictures of her with family and friends and then be able to hand them copies of the pictures instantly. How fun is that?

The Prynt Case retails for $149.99 USD and can be purchased here, along with paper refills.

What memories would you capture with Prynt?

Written by Tracey