The journey from pregnancy to post-pregnancy hasn’t been easy on my body. I’m relatively young and felt like I was in good health before getting pregnant and maintained a healthy lifestyle during my pregnancy. However, going through such a huge physical change during pregnancy, not to mention the trauma of birth, and the after effects of having a baby (less sleep, poor eating choices, less physical activity, demands of breastfeeding and recovering from birth) can cause serious disruptions to your overall internal health.

In the last five years or so, I’ve been learning about the importance of good internal health. I’ve incorporated fish oil and fermented foods into my diet, use vegan and chemical free skincare products, try to get fresh air everyday and exercise as much as I can.

I’ve noticed an overall improvement in my health by doing these things, but even by incorporating all of these healthy changes it can still be hard to manage your gut health on your own.

I especially noticed this after having Bria. Sometimes I would find I would have a hard time digesting my food after eating. I’d get stomach cramps, stomach aches, feel bloated or even nauseous. Even when I was eating nourishing foods like fruits and veggies, I always felt sluggish (I know this comes along with being a new parent, but this was something more). I knew there was something else I could be doing to regulate my gut health and improve my overall energy levels.


When I was approached to try Renew Life’s newest probiotic, the Ultimate Flora Probiotic Critical Care 50 Billion Go Pack I jumped on the chance. I have used Renew Life’s cleanse products in the past, so I knew they were both effective and safe.

What are probiotics? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that grow naturally in our intestinal tract. Its primary roll is to aid in digestion, but studies have linked this “good” bacteria to immune system function as well. Taking probiotic supplements, like Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Go Pack can help bolster what your body is already making or compensate for what your gut may be lacking in order to balance the “good” and “bad” bacteria.


The one thing I really loved about the Ultimate Flora Go Pack was that they did not need to be refrigerated like typical probiotics. This was huge for me. I took probiotics during pregnancy, but often times I would forget to take them as they were not in my direct line of sight. With Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Go Pack I can keep them anywhere so I will always remember to take them and I can also easily travel with them without worrying about compromising the ingredients of the product since they don’t need refrigeration.

Each pack features 50 billion active cultures from 12 different bacteria stains including one known for its ability to help fend off respiratory infections. While other probiotics require you to refrigerate them, this product is a shelf stable version and can easily be taken while traveling or on the go. What I love about the Renew Life brand is that their ingredients are GMO free and contain zero artificial colours, preservatives and fillers.

I have been testing out these probiotics for the last two weeks, along with cutting down on sugars and processed foods. I have noticed my energy levels have been up, my skin has been clearer and my digestion, bloating and stomach issues have improved. I will definitely continue to use the Ultimate Flora Go Pack. With something so simple to take, that packs such a huge punch on my internal health, how could I not?

To learn more about Renew Life and the Ultimate Flora Probiotic Critical Care 50 Billion Go Pack, click here.

Have you tried probiotics?'
Written by Tracey