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As long as I can remember I have always had issues with my skin on both my face and body. My skin is very sensitive and can get extremely dry to the point that it cracks and I develop patches of eczema. My eczema is localized to my hands, which only happens during the winter, and a patch on the side of my face, which unfortunately is there all year round.

I can easily cover the patch on my face with foundation to hide the discolouration, but the makeup doesn’t hide the bumps, irritation and dryness. In the past, I have tried prescription creams, but those can thin the skin over time and make your skin even more sensitive. When I was approached to try Nutratopic by Intega Skin Sciences I jumped at the chance.


I tested out Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Cream and Facial Cream for three weeks. What I loved most about both products was that I could feel a change instantly. Right away my skin felt more hydrated and less itchy. As someone who is very cautious about what I put on my skin, I felt comfortable using the products knowing they were free of preservatives, perfumes, colorants and steroids.

I used the Nutratopic Pro-AMP Facial Cream the most and loved that there was a separate cream just for the face, the most fragile skin on the body. The cream works by providing active protection that is key for keeping atopy under control. By keeping atopic skin under control this helps break the cycle and stop things like eczema from occurring altogether! Thanks to the deep hydration, the creams provides relief from itching related to dryness and prevent scratching.

Nutratopic Pro AMP

Powerhouse ingredients like Rhamnosofot strengthen anti-inflammatory activity and helps inhibit the risk of bacterial adhesion, while L-isoleucine stimulates the peptides and the Omega 6, glycerin, and shea butter restore the barrier function of the skin and reinforce the lipid mantle.

Before and After

After my three week trial, my skin was noticeably better. Although there is still a little redness, the bumps are almost completely gone and my skin feels and looks so much better. I was so impressed with the quick results and plan on continuing using these products. It is so easy to incorporate them into my morning and evening skincare routines and the results are worth the extra step!

If you or somebody in your family suffers from eczema or dry skin patches then I would without a doubt recommend looking into the Nutratopic Pro-AMP line. The products are available in an emollient cream (kids), infant facial cream, protective bath gel, and emollient lotion. For more information about  Nutratopic Pro-AMP you can visit their website.'
Written by Tracey