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Before becoming a parent, I didn’t realize what the whole world of breastfeeding would entail. I mean, you see pictures of moms effortlessly feeding their babies on Instagram or watch family members or friends nurse with ease. I never even knew what nursing clothes were or that I would need them. #Newbie

When Bria was born, I had the same 3 nursing tanks I rotated through. This was fine for the days I was at home or just hanging out with other moms, but cue the holidays. Christmas time rolls around and I could not find any cute nursing tops or dresses to wear. I ended up wearing a regular shirt with a nursing bra underneath and would take Bria away so I could literally take my shirt off and nurse her. I’ve always loved fashion, and although this was a hassle, I would rather look nice and be inconvenienced then be in some frumpy nursing top.


Enter Momzelle, a Monteal based company whose mission is to help mothers enjoy a positive breastfeeding experience by creating beautiful and practical nursing clothes. All clothing items are 100% designed in Montreal, which as a Canadian I love! Plus, most Canadians know that Montreal is a hub for fashion in our country.


Not only does Momzelle have a ton of nursing options from dresses, to tops to bras, but they are known for the softness of their fabrics and comfort of their clothes. Unlike some nursing tops I’ve tried in the past where the openings were too small or not practical, Momzelle’s openings are easy to use and designed to ensure a discreet breastfeeding experience. Even better, all their items flatter the postpartum figure and mine needed some flattering!


In the future, I plan on talking more in depth about my breastfeeding journey. I breastfed Bria for the first 3 months of her life and then slowly transitioned to exclusively pumping and bottle feeding her. So even though I don’t nurse her, I still need easy access to be able to pump.


I had known about Momzelle for a while as they make the most gorgeous nursing bras (which I use) and I’ve mentioned them in my Breastfeeding Must Haves post, so when I was looking for a new top I headed straight to their website. I typically pump before going out so I still find it much easier to wear nursing tops these days. I was searching Momzelle’s site when I stumbled on the Isabelle top. I was really drawn to the draping of the fabric (so flattering) and I loved the purple shade. I was so happy when my shipment came and I was able to try the Isabelle top on. It fit true to size and was super flattering and lightweight. The discreet clasp made it easy to pump, but I loved that to the untrained eye this didn’t look like a nursing top.

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Are you a nursing mom or are you expecting? Right now Momzelle has 20% off their entire site until Mother’s Day. Even better, Momzelle and I are teaming up to give one lucky mom the chance to win a $50 gift card! Enter using the Rafflecopter below.

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What would you buy if you won the Momzelle gift card?

Written by Tracey