Shine. Sparkle. Gold. Luxe. If you know me, you know this kind of stuff speaks to me. If you know me, then you also know I’m a huge fan of Minted. I’ve used Minted for thank you cards, home decor, holiday cards and baby shower invites.

I love how Minted is there to make all of life’s moments a little more beautiful and that’s what I’m here to talk about today. Minted’s Semi Annual Foil Event started yesterday and that means 20% off all real hand-pressed foil designs. This event happens twice a year and allows customers to be able to get a discount on Minted’s one of a kind, luxurious foil pressed products, ranging from Wall Art, to Wedding Invitations to Birth Announcements.

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Even better, in partnership with the Annual Foil Event, Minted is also offering a discount on Graduation Cards and Graduation Gifts, as part of their annual Grad Event! For those moms with kids who are graduating this year this is a great way to get ahead of the game with stationery and gifts so you can focus on being fully present during this once in a lifetime experience.

Recently, I’d been wanting to update my gallery wall in our family room. It’s a fun collection of vintage ads, animal heads (fake of course) and a few family pictures. We had included a wedding photo (also from Minted….yeah I wasn’t lying when I said I use Minted for everything), a couple engagement pictures and a picture from my pregnancy photoshoot. What was missing was some pictures of our daughter, Bria.


Hello Minted wall art! Any parent knows you have like 5,000 pictures (if not more) of your child on your phone so narrowing it down to one picture to frame is like choosing between Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds (impossible!). That’s when I spotted the Heart Snapshot custom wall art on Minted’s site.

With this piece you can create your own customized wall art using your own personal moments. You are the creator of this piece and can choose where to place the pictures and also what kind of foil you want (gold, rose gold or silver). If you opt for framing (you really should because who wants the pain of going out to find a frame that fits the picture perfectly, let Minted do it for you), you can also choose from a ton of frames to suit your home decor. I opted for gold foil and the distressed cottage white frame.


Remember with each Minted piece you can fully customize it from start to finish to suit your personal taste and their “Perfection Team” is always just a click away to make sure your vision is captured perfectly. Plus, Minted’s real time custom colour preview takes the guesswork out of online ordering.

It was so fun to create this piece and to look back at all the fun moments of Bria’s life so far. The piece was shipped and delivered in only a few days after I ordered it and it turned out even better than I had imagined. The gold detail added a beautiful touch and the frame was perfect. We had just the right spot in our gallery wall for the piece and now our wall is complete, thanks to Minted!

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Make sure to check out the Annual Foil Event and Graduation special running now until April 24th.'
Written by Tracey