In the past few years, I have fallen in love with stationary and paper goods. Give me a good notebook or a unique greeting card and I’m in heaven. It’s no secret to Just a Trace readers that Minted is my favourite one stop shop for all things paper related. From my wedding day thank you cards, my baby shower invites and even art for my dining room, Minted has it all.

What I love about using Minted is that they literally have thousands of designs to suit any taste and budget. Their designs are unique and customizable so there is a really slim chance you’ll end up with a final product that anyone else will have.

Now that being said, I can literally spend hours on the Minted website trying to narrow down my choices. Take this year’s holiday cards for example, I swear the sun was still up when I started browsing through all the choices. After careful contemplation, I have narrowed it down to my top five Minted holiday card picks for 2016.

For the New Parents


Rose Frame

Tell me one person that doesn’t love rose gold. Maybe its because I just had a baby or because I love the idea of sending out postcards instead of cards, but this one really caught my eye. The card is overall fairly simple, but the shine of the foil and the feminine floral pattern take holiday cards to a whole new level. I think this card would be perfect to show off a new addition to the family.

For the Newlyweds


Chic Joy

I love the idea of sending out holiday cards and using one of your wedding pictures. I mean you spend a fortune on a wedding day photographer and those pictures rarely get seen by the masses. What a perfect way to flaunt your love for each other to all your family and friends. I love the simplicity and elegance of this design, which is why I think it would compliment a wedding photo perfectly.

For the Lovers of Traditional


Banner Greeting

Not everyone wants to send out cards with their faces plastered across them. For those that like the traditional Christmas card, this one is perfect. It’s a modern take on a traditional style card. You can also add your personal touch by adding a little text along the bottom.

For Those That Can’t Decide on Just One


Wonderful Collage

We all know those people that have like 3,000 pictures of their kids, pets or hey, even selfies on their phone or Facebook page. This card is the perfect one for those people. Tons of spots for photos so you don’t have to worry about just picking one and many options to customize the card to make it as personal as you want.

For the Yearly Family Photo


Classic Charm

I love this card. I hope that one day I’ll have it together enough to take a classy family photo like the family on this card. This one is perfect for those families that take yearly photos. The gold foil adds a luxe touch to the card and the font doesn’t overwhelm the card or take away from the photo.

Now that I’ve narrowed it down to my top five picks, I want to hear which holiday card you would choose. Head over to to browse the entire holiday collection.'
Written by Tracey