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As a first time mom, it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of baby gadgets out there. Not to mention, the sea of opinions from veteran moms on what products are great and which are a waste of money. If you’re like me, you spent hours reading reviews and speaking to moms only to get conflicting opinions – what one mom loved another thought was useless.

So I’m not here saying these are what you need for you and your baby, these are just this mama’s must haves! You could say these are the five items I was most excited to purchase and the ones I am most excited to try out once my little girl arrives in October.

The OVer I first heard about the OVer when I was at the Hamilton Baby Show. Drawn to all the cute prints and designs (this is the one I ended up picking), I had to find out what this was. After talking to one of the ladies at the booth, I came find out at the OVer is a multi-use baby cover. It acts as a car seat cover, nursing cover and shopping cart cover. Multi-purpose products are a must when you’re drowning in a sea of baby gadgets and the trendy fabrics mean you’ll look cute toting baby around. What I liked most about the OVer is its breathability. As a new mom, I am terrified of overheating my baby or not giving her proper air flow, and the OVer was designed with all this in mind. Plus, it’s Canadian and they give a portion of their proceeds to the London Ontario NICU….need I say more?

Eco Chic Movement Skincare – At the same Baby Show, I was drawn to a booth touting chemical free skincare that is handmade and Canadian (three big check marks in my books!). I can think of a few well-branded baby lines off the top of my head that are taking advantage of the under-regulated skincare arena (I’ll avoid naming these celebrity-backed brands, but I’m sure you can figure them out) and I am an ingredient snob so I knew I wanted something with as little in it as possible for my baby. After purchasing Dr. Alexis Reid’s Belly Butter, I started looking more at her line for babies. I ended up getting her baby shampoo & body wash, diaper rash cream (safe for cloth diapers – yay!!) and baby lotion. I am so excited to try these products out once the baby is here and you can expect my full review in the future.

Mama Must Haves

Lalabu Soothe Shirt – You may have heard of the Soothe Shirt since it’s kind of been blowing up on social media these days. It’s a pouch, nursing bra and shirt all in one and you already know how I feel about multi-use products. The pouch allows you to easily comfort your baby by creating an intimate swaddle right against you and to promote that mommy and baby bonding time. It’s also a nursing top – you don’t need to wear a bra underneath AND the shirt covers your stomach so you can have the flexibility and ease to breastfeed wherever the heck you want! Plus, it’s an all around cute top that is lightweight so you can just wear like you would any other shirt and reap the benefits at the same time. What I also love is that Lalabu donates 2% of their sales to support mom entrepreneurs in Africa so this is another purchase you can feel good about making.

Cute Baby Accessories- I mean, come on, you can’t expect this list to consist of 100% necessary baby items right? Sometimes you need to set aside a little money in your mama budget and buy something fun. Whether that’s a frilly outfit, a fun swaddle blanket or in my case, some adorable newborn headbands, do it mama! Treat yo self! I picked a few of these adorable handmade headbeads from Ontario Etsy Shop Owner MadelineAnnAccessories. My favourite purchase? These felt rose headbands. I can feel a future Instagram post in the making once baby girl makes her appearance.

A Diaper Bag You Actually Love – I keep hearing it from moms out there – “Put your purse away, your diaper bag is the only thing you’ll be carrying for years to come!” Well, if this is the case, then invest in one you actually love. Spend the extra money to get something that will last, won’t go out of style and has enough room for all of baby’s million travel necessities. I opted for the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Satchel. It has tons of pockets (including insulated ones), can be worn multiple ways, includes a changing pad, stroller hooks, plus chic gold hardware and a sleek black exterior. Definitely not on the cheaper side of diaper bags, but a good mix of practical and chic for the fashionista mama.

What do you think of my list? Did I miss any mama essentials? I’d love to hear what your mama must have product is or what you’re most excited to use once your baby arrives.

Written by Tracey