how to look good without makeup

I love wearing makeup, talking about makeup and shopping for makeup. I love makeup so much that I even went to makeup school for a short time through a night school program. Even though I love makeup, it has always been my goal to have skin that look so good that makeup isn’t even needed.  What about you? Are you looking for ways to feel confident going bare faced? Here’s a few tips to look good without makeup:

1. Hydrate – Drinking water is the first step in getting your skin to glow. Ensuring your body is properly hydrated will not only make your body function better, but it will prevent dry, flaking skin. Another way to bring hydration to the skin is to invest in a good moisturizer. Our cells repair and regenerate overnight, so investing in a good night cream is key. My current night cream is Arbonne’s FC5 Moisturizing Night Creme.

2. Scrub – Exfoliating your skin regularity is important to promote cell turnover. As we age, our cell regeneration slows down and old cells build up and cause our skin to look dull. This cell build up can further lead to clogged pores and pimples. By incorporating a facial scrub, like Arbonne’s Exfoliating New Cell Scrub, into your skincare routine once or twice a week, you will aid in removing dead skin and allowing new cells to regenerate.

3. Protect – Sun damage is not only bad for you, but it prematurely ages your skin. In order to protect yourself from harmful UV rays (which are present even on the cloudiest of days), incorporate a day cream into your routine with a SPF. A good day cream, like Arbonne’s RE9 Restorative Day Cream with SPF 20, will ensure moisture is brought to your skin all day and the SPF will keep your skin safe.


4. Don’t Touch – Keep your hands off your face! I am so guilty of doing this. Whether it be resting my hand on my face, or picking at something, my hands tend to gravitate to my face. Dirt and bacteria on your hands can easily transfer to the face and this can cause breakouts! Another great tip is to use headphones when talking on your smartphone instead of pressing it to your ear. Your phone is another bacteria magnet and this bacteria can transfer to your cheek after a few long cell phone chats, leading to nasty breakouts.

5. You Are What You Eat –  Your skin is a good reflection of what you put in your body. Don’t believe me? Let me share a true story with you. I started getting large pimples on my chin a few years ago and nothing I did would get them to go away. I started looking at my diet and any new foods I had introduced. I realized I had been adding soy milk to my lattes every single day and started to do more research on soy. It turns out soy contains the hormone estrogen, and the particular spot I was having breakouts were linked to hormones. I cut all the soy out of my diet and in two weeks my acne was gone! Help your skin (and body) by incorporating healthy and non-inflammatory foods into your diet. Can’t stomach all those daily fruit and veggie servings? I add a scoop of Arbonne’s Greens Balance to my morning smoothie to ensure I can reap the vitamin, antioxidant and nutrient benefits of fruits and veggies each day.

What do you do to feel good about your skin?'
Written by Tracey