I have a busy life. I spend my days working in an office, come home to make dinner for my husband and spend my evenings working on my blog, an assignment for my online class, a freelance writing assignment or catching up on some Netflix.

Half the time, cleaning the house is not on my mind. I reserve one afternoon per weekend to cleaning and pretty much ignore it for the rest of the week. With a husband and a dog, both can get a bit smelly. Enter: Lampe Berger Paris.

Did you know that Canadians spend 90% of the time indoors?  I know, myself, I can spend hours at the computer typing away not even thinking about the stale air I am breathing in. I can say that I’ve spent hundreds over the year on products like candles and plug ins to mask any unwanted odours and make my house smell inviting and clean.

These products do a great job of making my house smell great, but do nothing about the air quality. This is what makes Lampe Berger Paris so amazing. The difference it has over other products in the same category is that it freshens AND purifies the air. Where some other products just mask the odour with a pleasant smell, Lampe Berger Paris cleans the air you’re breathing in.

Lampe Berger Paris Wood Lamp
Take today for example. It’s a rainy Saturday and I’m spending the majority of the day on the computer working on my blog. All the windows are closed and I’ve just come back from taking my dog for a walk. A dog who is now soaking wet and emitting that lovely “wet dog” smell. Instead of reaching for one of my go to candles, I’ve set up my Lampe Berger Paris fragrance lamp. Within a few minutes, my house smells clean and I have peace of mind knowing the air that I am breathing all day is also clean.

Not only does my lamp do it’s job, but it looks nice too. There’s hundreds to choose from, but I went for a modern wood and frosted glass lamp. Along with the lamp, you need to purchase a home fragrance. I picked My First Fragrance described as “Fresh water, slightly powdery fragrance, so gentle and tender. A cuddlesome aroma that immerses us once more in the lightness of fragrances for little children. The 1st fragrance of one’s childhood, a slightly musky comforting fragrance.” I was happy that the scent was exactly as described – light, comforting and warm.

I have to admit I never really thought about the quality of air in my home. I think most of equate good air quality with a clean smelling home, but most often the smell of a clean home is created by chemicals. With my Lampe Berger Paris lamp, I can take a deep sigh of relief and not have to worry that I’m inhaling air that is bad for me.

To find a store carrying Lampe Berger Paris products near you, check out their store locator.

Have you ever tried Lampe Berger Paris?'
Written by Tracey