You may remember back in the Fall I shared Lampe Berger Paris on my blog. I have been using my Lampe Berger religiously since then and have stopped using other “air freshener” products entirely. However, having only one scent, I was getting a bit bored and that was when an email showed up in my inbox from Lampe Berger Paris naming me a Brand Ambassador! Being a Brand Ambassador means that I get to blog about all the awesome new products and scents from Lampe Berger Paris and hopefully run a few giveaways so you can try the products out too.


Shortly after receiving this glorious email, a giant box showed up at my house. There was guessing who this was from. It felt like Christmas in April. I was so happy to open up the box and find a brand new lamp and a ton of new fragrances. My favourite one so far is Amber Elegance.

So what makes Lampe Berger Paris products so great? The difference these products have over other products in the same category are that they freshen and purify the air at the same time. Where some other products just mask the odour with a pleasant smell, Lampe Berger Paris cleans the air you’re breathing in.


What I love about using my Lampe Berger Paris lamp  is that I don’t have to worry about the quality of air that I breathe. I know that not only does lamp make my house smell great but its also working to improve the air that I breathe. Unlike most other products, it is not masking the smell of stale air with chemicals, which is one thing that helps me breathe easy in my house.


Plus, with so many styles and colours to choose from, there is bound to be one to fit your decor and personal style!

Have you tried Lampe Berger Paris?
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Written by Tracey