How to Unpack Quickly After Moving

I’ve moved four times in the last five years and two of those moves involved moving from one major city to another. In this time I like to think I have mastered the art of unpacking. This weekend I moved again (hopefully for the last time) and have found the unpacking portion to have gone off without a hitch. Here are my tips on how to unpack quickly after moving:
1. Pack properly – The key to a good experience unpacking is all in how you pack. Packing efficiently may take longer, but will ensure your unpacking goes smoothly. Try to pack objects from the same room in the same box and label boxes clearly with contents and which room they belong in. If you have extra time before the move, do a purge! Ridding yourself of things you don’t need will cut down on items you have to pack and unpack later.

2. Clean first  – Before you unpack a single box or spend hours putting together Ikea furniture, clean your new house. You’ll have access to all the hard to reach spots that will soon be covered with pieces of furniture. Make sure to pack cleaning supplies in their own box and clearly label them to ensure they are found right away. If you can, pack them in your car so you know you will be able to find them even easier.

3. Set up the necessities – For me, getting the bedroom and kitchen set up are my day #1 priorities. Once you know you’ll have a bed to crash on after a long day of unpacking and all your food in the cupboards you’ll feel a lot less stressed. Plus, being able to cook your meals will save you from blowing money on takeout.

4. Clear clutter – As you unpack, put empty moving boxes and totes in one designated space like the garage or basement. Visually, it will allow you see the progress you’ve made and will make your house feel less cluttered and more organized.

5. Don’t stress – Above all, don’t stress. Yes, unpacking sucks. It is time consuming and frustrating, but remind yourself that once you are done unpacking you get to decorate and enjoy your new space. Create fun music playlists to take away some of the mundaneness of unpacking and reward yourself with breaks frequently.

What are your tips for unpacking?'
Written by Tracey