How to Transition Your Beauty Routine for Fall

Today marks the official first day of Fall. By now you’ve got your PSL in hand, have your new fringe booties in your closet just begging to be worn and are packing away your summer crop tops and flower crowns. With Fall comes a change in temperature, change in colour palette and a change to your beauty routine. Here are some tips on how to transition your beauty routine for Fall:


Your Moisturizer. Summer is notorious for having your skin feeling more hydrated, sweaty and oily. When the seasons transitioning, you want to add a little more moisture to your skin to prepare for Winter. Nothing is worse than flaky, dry skin that makes applying makeup almost impossible. Look for a moisturizer that is a little thicker in consistency but that still contains a SPF. If you’re not already using one, this would be a great time to add in a night cream to your skincare routine to amp up your hydration.

Your Foundation. Contrary to popular belief, just because the cooler temperatures hit doesn’t mean you need to cake on heavier foundation. The tinted moisturizer you were using in the Summer can still work for Fall. Just make sure to keep on eye on your skin tone and when your Summer tan fades, switch your foundation to a lighter shade.

Your Colour Palette. Fall doesn’t mean you have to go all dark everything when it comes to your makeup. A good rule of thumb for any season is to focus the colour on one area. So for example, opt for a vampy lip but keep the eyes neutral or try a jewel-toned smokey eye but go for a natural lip. Scared of dark colours? Experiment with something edgier on your nails or your wardrobe versus your makeup.

Fall Must Haves
1. Arbonne Eye Shadow in Cabernet is the perfect jewel tone for Fall. 2. Arbonne CC Cream provides moisture and hydration while evening out skin tone. 3. Arbonne Tahitian Coconut Lip Therapy Set helps exfoliate and hydrate lips using coconut and grapeseed oils. 4. Arbonne Hair Revitalizing Masque restores hair’s strength and lustre while keeping your hair colour vibrant. 5. Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in Iris is the perfect Fall shade and provides lip hydration with apple and watermelon extract.


Your Hair. When you think of Summer hair you think of beachy waves, air dried in the Summer heat. Fall and Winter see most of us increasing our use of the blow dryer and other hot tools. As well as with the loss of added moisture in the air, it is important to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Switch your shampoo and conditioner to ones that boast added moisture and add a hair mask to your weekly hair care routine.

Your Lips. Lips are one of the first parts of your body to show dehydration and dryness. Make sure to keep your lips hydrated with a lip conditioner. To ensure your lips receive optimal hydration it is important to exfoliate them a few times a week. This will aid in removing dead skin and allow your lip conditioner to penetrate easier and deeper into your lips. When choosing a Fall lipstick, choose lipsticks that have hydrating properties to ensure your lips look and feel good all day.

How do you transition your beauty routine from Summer to Fall?'
Written by Tracey