A week after Mark told me that he had been relocated to Ottawa we planned to go house hunting. I was still super emotional about the whole thing. On the one hand the thought of looking for a place was upsetting. It made real the fact that I was going to be moving away. I would be in a city where I didn’t know the street names, the transit system and where my friends weren’t just around the corner.  On the other hand, I was excited at the prospects of house hunting and of finding our “first home” together and being able to pick the place that we wanted.  I was excited to have someone there when I got home from a long day, someone to watch TV with at night and someone to wake up beside. Having lived alone for the past year and a half, I was ready to have some company.

With all that said, I spent the whole week acting like a real estate agent –  emailing prospecitve landlords, setting up appointments, making charts and stressing out (as I tend to do). We spent a whole weekend in Ottawa house hunting and I told Mark that I was not coming back to do this again. The stress of planning and of the unknown (if you’ve read my previous post you know I love things being planned out and already figured out for me) was too much. We had to find a place that weekend.

Thankfully, we were able to find “the one” that weekend. The moment we walked into the place I just knew it was our home and we had to have it. We had got to the appointment super early and went to Starbucks (located convientantly across the street). The neighbourhood was exactly what I wanted. It had a downtown vibe but wasn’t overly busy (think: West Queen West in Toronto). The streets were littered with hip, young people (think: beards and thick rimmed glasses). It was like a “mini-Toronto.” We got the sense this was an “up and coming” neighbourhood as there were a few condos being built nereby and you could tell a lot of stores were new.

The place we ended up choosing is a low rise condo. It’s a three floor building with about thirty units. Everything inside is so sleek and modern. It’s amazing what kind of property you can get when you pool two incomes. When we walked in, I just knew this was it. The unit has two bedrooms (one will be Mark’s office). The bathroom has both a shower and a bath (cannot wait to have many bubble baths in the giant tub) It also has a fireplace and eighty square foot balcony with BBQ. It’s perfect. It has everything we both wanted and is pet friendly so we can get a puppy one day!
I felt so much better about everything once I could visualize where I would be living. I started to picture our daily lives together and how I wanted to decorate our space. Everything started to fit together once we found the place. I know that in time this will feel like home.

I have been listening to Crooked Hill’s “Glaciers” on repeat lately. This song really expresses how it feels to move somewhere new, to take all that you’ve learned and go somewhere unknown and try to make a life and home for yourself. Give it a listen.'
Written by Tracey