Literally. Follow your heart. This saying was so cliched to me until recently. About a month ago, sitting in my boyfriend’s apartment he gave me some huge news. “My job is relocating me to Ottawa,” he said. My first thoughts went to his family, who are from there and how he would get to go home and be with his family, his friends, everything that is familiar to him. My next thoughts went to my family. I had moved to this city two years ago, only an hour away from my family, but still a huge step for me. I had a big decision to make. Do I stay here, play it safe like I always did but lose the love of my life? Or do I go along for the ride? Go somewhere where I didn’t know my way around, didn’t have a job and had to rely on him for basically everything. As a fiercely independent (and I mean fiercely independent) female, this was scary. I like my space. I like my bed. I like eating dinner at 8:00PM while watching Rookie Blue in my over sized PJs with no bra on.

So after these two distinct thoughts went through my head, what did I do? I reacted like a typical female. I looked him in the eyes and start bawling hysterically. Not one of my finer moments, I can say that. However, even amid the tears, the streaming mascara, the runny nose, my brain said one thing,”GO.” There was no other choice.

It was in that moment, when I knew I had to go. When I looked at him and realized that I couldn’t live without him, that I had waited my whole life for him to come along and I wasn’t going to let him go because I’m not good at dealing with change. Yes, I was sad to be losing my job, the big city life, the proximity to the people I care about, but that all paled in comparison to the thought of losing him. I knew that, not only was he “the one”, I trusted him with my life and my future.

Follow your heart. He is my heart. I have to go with him wherever he goes because my life wouldn’t be the same without him. He enriches my life. He makes me smile and he makes me feel more loved and more taken care of than any man I have ever thought I loved.

So the girl who hates change, the one who has her whole life planned out before it happens is stepping into the unknown and I have to say I’m pretty excited. I’ve always played it safe, but this time I’m following my heart.'
Written by Tracey