A lot of people view exercise as the enemy. The one hour spin class to lose those extra pounds. The outdoor bootcamp at 5AM that leaves you sore for days. Running like Forest Gump for hours. However, exercise is good for you. Yes, it will help you get in shape and reach those weight loss or lifting milestones, but it has many other benefits.  Exercise is a great stress reliever. It can help you clear your mind. It is good for your body to keep you healthy and functioning at your best self. Even knowing all the benefits of exercising, it can still be hard to find that motivation. Here are my five tips to get you motivated to complete your next workout:

Get Motivated With Music – Most days, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym so what I’ll do is create an epic playlist the night before with tons of upbeat songs. I love songs that really pump me up like “Eye of the Tiger” or “Run the World (Girls).” Need some ideas? Fitness magazine has 100 top workout songs , including some great Spotify playlists that will keep you going until your final rep.

Get Some Social Accountability – Check in at your local gym. Instagram a picture of you in all your post-workout glory. Send a Snap of your sweaty self. You’re more likely to do it, and keep doing it, if other people know about your healthy lifestyle. Bonus: You’ll be motivating others when they see you posting about all your workouts.

Find a Workout Partner – Like social accountability, having a workout partner keeps you on track. You’re less likely to cancel a workout if you know you have a buddy waiting for you at the gym. You’re also likely to work harder. For example, I wanted to start running, but every time I had tried to learn on my own I gave up. I joined a local running group and not only did I never miss a run, I found the runs to be easier and was able to push myself harder each time we went out together.


Get Some Cute Gear –  As girly as it sounds, sometimes have some new workout swag can motivate you to workout. Places like Old Navy and Forever 21 have some really cute and affordable workout pieces that can take your  style to a whole new level. Make sure to lay out your  workout clothes the night before so that you’ll be more likely to actually put them on and get to your workout.

Track Your Progress –  Trying to reach a goal? The best way to do this is to track your progress. Rather then relying on a scale, take a before photo so you can see how you have progressed. Find a helpful app like MyFitnessPal  or use a FitBit to stay motivated.

What motivation tip do you think will help you?'
Written by Tracey