eShakti Floral Dress

I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. I love to do it, but I hate how hard it is to find things that fit me properly. While I wish my closet was stocked with cute dresses for all seasons and all occasions, dresses make up only a small corner of my closet. It seems I can never find something that fits my top half and bottom half well enough to warrant me to purchase it.  In fact, the only type of dresses that ever seemed to fit me perfectly on the first try were wedding dresses.

Even when I find a dress I like, I will often wish I could customize it to suit my taste. For example, I’m tall and that means that a lot of dresses that are meant to office appropriate lengths end up looking like they’re tailored for a night at the club when I put them on. On top of that, I often prefer dresses with some sort of sleeve for the office as I don’t feel comfortable wearing sleeveless pieces in my corporate role, but I find it rare to find a dress with any sort of sleeve.

So when eShakti contacted me to try out one of their garments, I jumped on it. eShakti offers tops, skirts and dresses, but I knew right away I wanted a dress. What’s great about eShakti is that you can choose any of their garment and customize them to fit your height, size and style. Necklines, hemlines and waistlines are all customizable to suit YOU!

I ended up choosing this dress because I loved the pattern and shape. It looked like a perfect dress for a spring and summer outing or for the office. I was able to add sleeves to make it more suitable for work and ensure the hemline was long enough as well.

eShakti spring dress

I loved that eShakti allowed me to submit all measurements. Often since I’m small in the chest but bigger elsewhere, I find dresses never fit well in the bust. However, since I was able get my dress tailored to my body, it ended up fitting like a glove!

I am so happy with my experience at eShakti, that I’m already about to order my second dress. What do you think of this one?  I think it’s perfect for Fall!

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What do you look for in the perfect dress?'
Written by Tracey