Most of you may not know this, but I wear glasses. As someone who is constantly on the computer or staring at my phone, my eyesight has been in the decline for the past few years so I rely on glasses when I am working on my latest blog post. Plus, sometimes a great pair of glasses can be the perfect accessory to finish up a look, am I right fashionistas? Glasses are no longer something “four eyes” need to be ashamed about. With tons of designer frames out there, glasses have the ability to compliment your look and even bring a fashionable edge to your appearance.

However, it is important when choosing glasses that you make an informed choice. I mean, of course you need to make sure you’re getting the right prescription, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about your face shape. Face shape is an important thing to consider and it is often overlooked. Some of us may not even know what our face shape is. Whether its choosing a new haircut, an eyebrow shape or a pair of frames, you need to take your face shape into consideration.

When I shop for glasses, I love doing it online. You can often get better deals, and who doesn’t love choosing things in the comfort of their own home, free from the pressure of sales people. One of my favourite place to shop for frames online is SmartBuyGlasses.com. They have a huge variety of frames (including designer frames!) and their prices are amazing. I also love that they have a virtual try on option, a 2 year warranty and 100 day returns. After I walk you through how to determine which face shape you have, I’ll share with you my favourite pair of frames from Smart Buy Glasses that compliment each shape.

First off, how do you determine your face shape? Look in the mirror and using lipstick outline the shape of your face. Now step back and take a look at the shape you have just drawn. You’ll have one of the following shapes:


Oval –  Your face is longer than it is wide and your forehead is slightly wider than your chin. With an oval face, almost all frames will look great on you. Try a bold, oversized frame like this pair from Tom Ford, since you have one of the rare face shapes that can pull it off!


Square – You have a defined jawline and the sides of your face are straight. Since you have strong angles, softer frames that are rounded work best. This pair from Ray Ban offer round lenses and thin sides that will compliment your angular face.


Heart – Your chin is the smallest point of your face, with a jawline that tends to be pointed. To balance the different widths of your face, cat eye frames, like these Versace ones, are a great choice.


Round – Your face’s width and length are almost the same. You have a curved jawline and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. Angular frames are the way to go to juxtapose the soft curves of your face. These Burberry frames have the right lines to compliment your soft features.

Like me, Smart Buy Glasses knows the importance of shopping for frames based on your face shape and have broken down some of their most popular frames based on the shape of your face. Shop for your next pair of frames based on your face shape with the help of Smart Buy Glasses at SmartBuyGlasses.com/face-shape.

What is your face shape?

Written by Tracey