Toronto is a great city in the fall. The sticky hot humidity of summer has disappeared and the crisp cool air of the season has finally blown in. This makes for the perfect opportunity to try new things and see the city as it bursts with fall colours and flair. I love dating in the fall, because it is my favourite season. There’s nothing better than sweaters and skinny jeans tucked into cool new boots, so why not show off all the great fall style on a date, and maybe share a fall treat together too. Here is my list of dates I plan to go on during this great fall season!

 Toronto Skyline

Nuit Blanche: Nuit Blanche is a massive art festival that takes place in the streets of downtown Toronto on October 4. The event begins at 6:30 pm and lasts until sunrise. It’s a huge city draw, and tons of people come out to experience it. Best of all, it is totally and completely free. Grab a map and take to the streets (they are closed, afterall) to check out some great art installments. A great thing about Nuit Blanche is that big crowds force you to get closer, and maybe even hold hands. If the night gets too chilly, duck into one of the many bars and have an Old Fashioned to warm up.

Evergreen Brick Works: The Brickworks is a wonderful spot located in the Don Valley just off Bayview Avenue. It’s a fully sustainable community environmental centre and a great place for a fall date. The area is deep in the valley so you can enjoy the fall colours after eating some brunch at Café Belong, the lovely dining spot on site. Afterwards, you can roam the farmers market or walk along one of the various paths in the valley to enjoy the season. It’s a great place, and there is a ton to do for couples.
Fall Leaves

High Park: High Park is a huge park within the city, located in the trendy Bloor West area. Grab some lunch ahead of time and then head into the park to hike the trails or see the zoo. It’s all free and a very fun time. If the weather isn’t too bad, pick up some cheese, fresh bread, and a bottle of wine from Bloor St. and take it into the park for a picnic under the falling leaves. Make sure to pack a big blanket to snuggle into together.

High Park Toronto

Pioneer Village: Step back in time with an entire recreation of a pioneer village. A must see in the fall because of the colours, there is a ton to do at the village. Activities you can try include churning your own butter, spinning wool to make yarn, and going into all the old houses and buildings. This is a great place to take photos, so make sure to get some pics of you and your sweetie living like our ancestors did. Oh, and if that’s not your thing, there’s also a brewery tour and beer tasting every afternoon.

Broadway Musicals: In Toronto we are fortunate to always have a wonderful schedule of Broadway shows to watch. A lot of new releases come out in the fall and so it’s a great time to catch that play or musical that you’ve been hearing about.  Our theaters are beautiful and all located in the heart of downtown Toronto, so a musical date is an excuse to get all dressed up and maybe tack on a fancy dinner or after show drink.

All this writing about fall dates is inspiring me to go on a few of my own. Hmmm,  maybe I’ll take to Tinder and see if I can set up a partner in crime to discover some of these events with!

Where do you like to go on dates when the weather cools down? Any favourite fall drinks, flavours or activities you enjoy sharing with your partner? 
Written by Cat