DIY Glam Dry Erase Board

I live with my best friend, and have for the past 5 years. We have the best time together, when we find time to be together. She’s in school full time and I work full time so we are always trying to catch each other on our lunch breaks with a quick, “What is for dinner tonight? Should I pick anything up?”

I got the idea to leave each other notes in the morning, because usually I am up and out the door before she is awake, and home before she is, so we crafted this genius little DIY dry erase board! It’s super simple and really affordable to make, and pretty soon my apartment is going to be covered in these!!


What you need:

A glass covered picture frame (The dollar store sells a wide variety of frames, from fancy to simple basic black frames that range between 50 cents and 3 dollars)

A simple wrapping paper or tissue paper (this is the perfect opportunity to clear all that wrapping paper from past holidays! Don’t pretend like you don’t have rolls of gift wrap in your closet!)


Glue stick

Dry erase makers



Remove the glass from the picture frame and cut your desired paper to fit into the frame. Place the paper into the frame (where a photo would normally go)

To secure it, put a tiny dab of glue on the corners.

Place the glass back on the frame and lock it in place.


There you have it! Start leaving notes for your room mate, write reminders for yourself, or leave a little motivation for yourself!

Happy crafting!
Be sure to comment with photos so I can see your Glam Erase Boards!

Written by Sarah
Hailing from Barrie, Ontario, Sarah wanted to explore new cities from the moment she finished high school, spending time in places like Toronto, Orillia, Hillsdale and Peterborough, before making Ottawa her home, to pursue studies in Journalism at Algonquin College. Now, being out of school for 4 years, Sarah lives with her childhood best friend and works full time as a bakery manager for a fast growing, organic supermarket in Ottawa, while spending her spare time freelancing, making friends with the cats in her neighbourhood, and attempting to find the best AYCE Sushi that the city has to offer.