Dear Mom,

I’m getting married in two weeks. Can you believe it? Remember the days when I would call you and share my fears about never getting married? You always listened so patiently and knew just the right things to say. Remember when I finally got a boyfriend and became irrational and told you I didn’t think he was the one because he was blonde? You knew I was scared of being hurt and that him being blonde was just a superficial reason to dump him to prevent myself from being hurt. You reminded me that Ryan Gosling was blonde and that I loved him so I should give this blonde guy another chance. I listened to you, like I always do and now is two weeks I will be Mrs. Blonde Guy. What’s that saying…Mothers know best?

Mom on her honeymoon

In all seriousness mom, you’re the best. You’ve given me a solid example of how to be a good mother and a good person. I have fond memories of you staying at home and raising me. I’ll never forget our mother-daughter Vegas trip and I look forward to having you there as my biggest supporter on my wedding day.

Mom & I in Las Vegas

I always wanted to be just like you mom and I still do. It was you who inspired me to pursue a degree in English and you who pushed me to enter the legal field. When I started blogging, it was you who was (and is!) my biggest cheerleader. Thank you for giving me the gift of writing. I know it came from your genes. On an unrelated note, I also hope to inherit your genes in the anti-aging department (please Lord!).

Mom & I at my bridal shower. Can you believe this woman is in her fifties?!

You are the definition of a strong woman. You’re my role model and my best friend. Thanks for never wearing mom jeans or t-shirts with cats on them and for being the stylish mom that I love to show off! Thanks for listening to my never-ending rants, helping me with all the big and small details of this wedding, for being my Criminal Minds TV buddy for the past four years (no matter what city I live in!), for telling me that no. that dress doesn’t make me look fat and for laughing and crying with me. I know that no matter what this life brings, I can get through it because I have you. Please also know that whatever this life brings for you, you can get through it because you have me. We are an unstoppable team.

Mom & I on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

This mother’s day I am sad that I am not there to celebrate with you. Know that I am sending my love your way and can’t wait to see you in a few more days. Thank you for all that you do for our family. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Written by Tracey