It’s funny. Now when I look at my husband playing with our daughter Bria, I rewind in my mind to the day we first met. (You can read that story here ). If you told me on that day, when I first laid eyes on Mark that five years later I would be watching him feed our child sweet potato or throwing her up in the air to hear her laugh, I would not have believed you. It is crazy to me that in five short years we have gone from new couple, to engaged, to married, to expecting and now to parents. I have seen Mark grow and change as a person over those five years, but have never been more proud of him until the day he became a father.

Sometimes dads can get a bit forgotten when it comes to parenting. Moms are often labelled the heroes and the glue that holds the family together. Parenting articles are often catered towards moms and so much goes into preparing the mom for becoming a parent and navigating that new life while dads are kind of just left in the background.


I have watched Mark evolve as a parent from that first day when I think we were both terrified out of our minds, but didn’t want to let the other person see it, to today where nothing seems to phase us anymore. I have been lucky that Mark has been a really hands on dad, and he has also been there every step of the way through my struggles with postpartum anxiety.

There are times when Mark will go on “baby duty” so I can get a break to shower or work on my blog and I’ll often sneak peeks of him and Bria. These are some of my favourite memories. Watching them interact when he thinks no one is around. I remember one night in particular, Mark was putting Bria to sleep and she was incredibly fussy and crying. I was downstairs making dinner and had the baby monitor on. I heard Bria crying and then Mark, without hesitation, starting singing “You are so Beautiful” by Joe Cocker. Bria instantly stopped crying. I stood in the kitchen thinking how lucky I was to have such a loving husband and father to our child.


This is Mark’s first official Father’s Day and I am so excited to celebrate him. I knew that I needed a creative gift, but I also wanted something he could use and that was personalized just for him. I have a few “go to” spots for gifts for men (since ummm guys are so hard to buy for) and Harry’s is one of them (I have written about Harry’s before: here). I was so happy when I saw Harry’s had a whole section of their site devoted to Father’s Day.


When I saw the Limited Edition Father’s Day set, I knew this was the perfect gift. Not only could I add a personalized factor, but it was something Mark could use on a day-to-day basis and think of Bria and I. It also comes in a beautiful box and I could order it from the comfort of my smartphone (talk about mom wins! Who has time to wrap things or get to the mall?!). The Father’s Day Set features the signature Harry’s Truman set with a new charcoal gray handle and also includes an engraveable razor stand.

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I can’t wait to give this gift to Mark on his first Father’s Day (and don’t worry he is banned from reading the blog until after June 18th). What do you have planned for the men in your life? Make sure to check out Harry’s Father Day section on their site for gift ideas and to read some special stories about real dads who are making every moment count.'
Written by Tracey