Ahhhh, the weekend getaway, one of life’s greatest little luxuries and indulgences. A chance to leave it all behind for a few days and unwind in a new setting with new food, new bars and, up until recently, new men. In the past, a weekend away meant that it was time to pack my shortest, tightest dresses and highest most inappropriate heels in anticipation of a night of clubbing and picking up with my girlfriends in Vegas. As I’ve been blogging lately though, my life as I knew it has changed a lot and I have had to adapt with it. Colin and I are going to Miami for the Easter long weekend, leaving on April 1st and I thought it would be a nice idea to share some cute outfit ideas for what to wear on a romantic getaway. The smutty dresses of single girl past are gone, and my beautiful gold (stripper) heels are nowhere to be seen, but I hope you all enjoy a few pretty, romantic looks I’m planning to wear on our holiday.

Outfit #1


Dress, Marshalls; Sandals, Target; Clutch, Rebecca Minkoff

I love a good maxi dress. It is one of the most versatile items you can bring on vacation since it can be dressed up or down. The print on this one is suitable for both day and night and I’m planning to wear it like this during the day, and dress is up with some delicate gold jewelry for evening. It can also be a beach cover in a pinch because it’s a light fabric and doesn’t come all the way to the ground (note: this could be because I am almost 6 feet tall). Because of the pattern I would suggest against statement pieces, since it may all be too bold. It also looks great with a cardigan for brunch, or a white denim jacket if the temperature drops at night. The dress also has a beautiful back which makes it more fun and holiday appropriate.


I also like casual maxi’s for shopping or daytrips because shorts make me feel like a tourist. I live in a city with a ton of tourism, and nothing says “not from here” like someone in shorts and a tshirt, especially at brunch or dinner.

Outfit #2


Dress, Mendocino; Wedges, Lord & Taylor; Necklace, The Bay

I am obsessed with this maxi. OB. SESSED. It is the perfect combination of nighttime formal without being overly fancy and packs really well. In a bygone time, I would have worn a bandage dress and stilettos to dinner because I was with my ladies and wanted to impress. Now, while I still want to impress those who see me, I want it to be the right impression and not an “I wonder what her drink limit” is kind of impression. I also want Colin to think I look great, and this fits the bill. A basic black dress is also where statement necklaces really shine and it’s a great way to ad style to a vacation outfit without taking up a ton of space in your luggage. This dress can work with any colour and any shoe style, but I’m keeping it to wedges or sandals. I find this dress to be knockout sexy without showing a ton of skin. It creates a nice line to my body and shows off my shoulders, which are one of my favourite parts of my body, plus I feel like a princess when the wind catches the top layer of chiffon and blows it around. Finally, I feel that this dress screams Miami. The style, the flow, and the way it makes me feel is perfect for a fancy dinner at a beach side restaurant.

Outfit #3


Dress, J.Crew Outlet; Wedges, Lord & Taylor; Clutch

While the hoochie dresses may be gone, I still love my legs and love showing off my body. I work hard for it so I want it to be seen. That said, the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve learned that you can look sexy and show some skin without having it look like your dress was a tshirt. A simple shift that is cut to the body but not tight makes a big style impact. It is the perfect mix of sexy and classy, and a bright colour makes it vacation appropriate. I love this dress because the high neck invites a big necklace, and you’ll notice that I used the same one as the outfit above, along with the same clutch from outfit 1 and shoes from 2. Strategic packing is key for a weekend away. We are only going to be in Miami for 4 days and three nights so, while I’d love to, it makes no sense to bring 10 pairs of shoes and 16 handbags. Try choosing accessories that work with all your outfits. Also remember that mint, coral, and yellow can be considered neutrals because they go well with most other colours.

Before I sign off, here are a few tried and true weekend getaway tips:

1. Airplane attire does not mean pajamas.

2. Two pair of flip flops, one pair of heels, and one pair of fancy sandals.

3. Two bikinis that are interchangeable with the tops and bottoms.

4. A hat

5. Scarves, Pashminas, and cardigans for cool nights and mornings.

6. Wax. Enough said.

I hope you all enjoyed my styles and tips. I think the old weekend away me had a great run, but today I want to look beautiful and confident, not cheap and available. I want to compliment my partner and have us look like a great pair, not someone you’d side glance walking past you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t don a mini skirt and heels, but I feel that a romantic weekend away is not the venue for your party dresses. Instead, it’s the time that you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to say, “Wow, I am so lucky to have scored that knockout”.

And hey, this is my first trip away with a guy, so stay tuned to see how it goes!


Written by Cat