My boyfriend and I just got back from our amazing getaway to Miami, and I can’t wait to share everything we did and everything I learned with all of you. It was my first time away with a guy, so there was a bit of a learning curve, but we had such a good time and made such great memories to last our lifetime together. The weather was great and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But without making you wait any longer, I’ve compiled a list of things I learned during my first trip away!

 Go With The Flow:

During our four days away, this was the one thing I immediately reminded myself to do. Note that I do NOT usually go with the flow unless I am in control of the flow and it is flowing my way. Right away though, I decided to abandon my usual self and just go with it. I must also say, though, that last week I learned that Colin is the most down to earth and easy going man I’ve ever known, so going with it wasn’t hard at all with him by my side. While on vacation with a partner for the first time, it’s important to not be too uptight and let some of your previous neuroses go. I think we struck a balance and both ebbed and flowed beautifully together. No Uber in the area? That’s ok, let’s take a cab. No cabs? That’s ok, let’s walk. Wanna go to the grocery store to buy beer? Sure! So definitely go with the flow but…

Make Firm Decisions:

While I know a vacation isn’t the time to have a schedule, sometimes you need to make yes or no choices. On our second day, we couldn’t decide if we were going to go on an excursion or not. We spent an hour going between yes or no, until we finally decided to go on a tour of the Everglades. Had we spent more time deciding, we would have missed the tour and not had a chance to see real alligators up close! The tour was amazing, and thanks to making that decision, we went on an amazing boat ride in a super cool part of Florida and saw some neat wildlife. On Saturday night, Colin wanted to go to a hockey game, but I was not feeling it, so I spoke up and suggested we stay in town rather than drive an hour to watch a hockey team neither of us really like. While I knew he was interested in going, one of us had to make a decision about it. We both ended up having a great night on the town in South Beach and even caught the game on a tv at a bar. The point is, you only have a limited amount of time in town, so make the most of it.


Split the Costs:

Before leaving, I was nervous about who would pay for what. I didn’t want Colin to feel that he had to pay for everything, but I also didn’t want to split the cost of every meal. I think that we struck a good balance in the end; he paid for our groceries (ok fine…our groceries were mostly yogurt and lots of beer..), excursion, and dinners, and I paid for lunch, snacks, and our last meal in town. The old fashioned woman in me likes a man to treat me, but my modern self also believes in equality and I think we achieved that. The last thing you want while away is your partner resenting you or checking his bank balance while breaking into a cold sweat. Note: God bless him for paying for the $180 paella and drinks we ordered. Fun Fact: Not all menu items in Miami have prices next to them. Just fancy pictures that you’re too embarrassed to ask the price of.


Take Photos:

My boyfriend is admittedly not a big picture taker, but I am and I am glad that I took so many silly shots while we were away. If you’re like me, you’ll want these memories to last a lifetime, so take as many pictures as you want. At first, I didn’t want to seem annoying by making him pose, but then I realised that he would want memories of the trip too, and shots to share with his family and friends. Pictures are also a chance to show off your outfits and pretty vacation style, so get all fancy and have your bartender snap a few pictures of you two looking hot.


Enjoy The Company:

I do not live with my boyfriend, so it was so nice to be with him for four days in a row. Going to sleep together and waking up side by side was amazing and very special. Every morning we woke up, ate a quick breakfast of dinner leftovers then headed up to the rooftop pool to float around until we went down to the beach. Our bar had a free happy hour for hotel guests every day from 7-8 p.m. so we always made sure to get dressed up and go down for a few (10) gin and tonics before strolling down to the main strip for a late dinner. Afterwards we held hands and walked around to people watch, before going back to our room to pass out and do it all over again the next day! Heaven on earth and I was so glad to share it with my love.


All in all, we had a fantastic vacation. Our last day was spent laying on the beach under an umbrella and just chilling out after four fun filled days. I learned a lot about my partner on our trip, and I also learned a lot about myself. I learned patience and compromise. I learned that I love him more and more everyday and that he is an easy person to travel with. But mostly, I learned to always reapply sunscreen after 80 minutes. Maybe we should take a city vacation next.


Written by Cat