Beauty Gram

As a female, I have to admit I really love getting flowers. My husband is awesome at it, too. Birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones are often celebrated with a flower delivery to my office or a little surprise when I get home from a long day at work. While flowers are beautiful to look at, they can get really costly and let’s be real, they don’t last long. There have been times where my husband has sent me flowers on a Friday and then I’ve had to decide whether to leave them at work over the weekend, or try to bring them home on the bus (I know, poor me right?). I’ve also recently moved desks and now sit next to someone who is allergic to flowers so my days of getting flower deliveries are at work are over.

As much as I like receiving flowers, I love sending them too. I recently sent some to my mom and almost choked when I got the final bill after taxes and delivery. That, my friends, is when I decided to explore alternatives to flowers and where BeautyGram comes in.

BeautyGram is a collection of beauty and lifestyle products wrapped up in a cute pink box. The boxes are delivered to doorsteps, just the same as flowers and cost about the same. The difference? Each box is filled with items that will outlive the lifecycle of flowers and that the recipient can use and think of you each time they use it.

Each BeautyGram is crafted by beauty experts to create a personal and feel good experience for the woman you are sending it to. You can choose from the pre-made BeautyGrams in their collections, or Build Your Own BeautyGram by picking three to five items from their inventory to create a more personalized gift.

Beauty Gram

I received a pretty pink box on my doorstep last week when I came home from work one night.  After a not so great day at work, I can tell you that the BeautyGram made my day! I was sent the Signature BeautyGram, which contains all the best selling essentials. This is their classic box and is perfect for any occasion. I loved everything inside and I loved the range of products –  from a soy candle to a delicious caramel tea. My favourite item in my BeautyGram was the Cake hand cream…oh, and the chocolates of course (of which my husband stole one!).

Signature Beauty Gram

Sending a BeautyGram is a great gift idea for birthdays, congratulations, good luck, thank you, get well and for significant others a perfect “just because” or Valentine’s gift.

Make sure to sign up for BeautyGram’s newsletter. It’s a great way to get the latest news and you also earn 10% off your next order. With the holidays coming up, keep BeautyGram in mind. Their holiday collection is launching soon.

Forget flowers, send a BeautyGram!
Have you ever purchased a BeautyGram? Who would you send one to?'
Written by Tracey