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We’ve all been there. You have an event to attend and you want to look fabulous. You go to your favourite makeup store and try to get an appointment to get glammed up only to be met with “we’re all full that day.” Or, you do manage to score a coveted spot only to then sit there with a mall full of people walking around and the smell of food court french fries making your mouth water.

Enter STYLU, the Uber of makeup services. STYLU is an app based beauty service that offers blowouts, men’s cuts, updos and makeup application at the touch of a button. You simply download the app, choose your service, book a time, and pay for it all using your smartphone. STYLU then sends a dedicated stylist to your location, and the beautifying begins.

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Last Wednesday afternoon the app sent me a confirmation informing me that my artist would be at my house at my requested time. Sara arrived at my house right on time and we got right to work. The last time I had my makeup professionally done was at Tracey’s wedding, so I was super excited. Lately my idea of makeup has been 1 dot of foundation and some mascara, so I was curious as to how I’d look with a full face.

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Getting your makeup done at home is great. It’s quiet, you can have music or the TV on, and best of all you can enjoy a glass of wine while chatting with your makeup artist. Sara was amazing, and we fell into casual conversation while she applied my makeup. She explained all the techniques she was using and even told me about her own makeup line that she uses called Sara Bella Makeup. It was nice to try new products I wouldn’t have ever known about.

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The best part of STYLU is that you can have your services done anywhere you want – at home, office or even a hotel. It’s truly beauty on demand. I loved being at home. I wasn’t rushed. I didn’t have to look for parking at the mall, and as I said before, I got to drink wine. My family also enjoyed the experience. I’ve never seen my father quite so fascinated by anything as he was with the application. It was like he was being let in on an ancient Girl Code secret.

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All in all, the application process including false lashes lasted one blissful hour. A full face of makeup costs $75.00 with lashes an additional $15.00. If you’re anything like me, any attempt to apply a false lash ends with your eyeball being stabbed and the lash somehow gluing itself to your nose, so I suggest buying the add on for a special event.

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From start to finish, I was very impressed with STYLU. Booking the session was as easy as opening the app. Since the app takes payment directly, so there’s no need for cash at the end of the service. With convenience like that, there’s no reason not to try STYLU! Once Sara had finished she packed up and was on her way. I was left looking like a supermodel and hit the town for an epic girl’s night.

Curious about STYLU? Download the app in the App Store and start getting professional beauty services delivered right to your doorstep! STYLU is currently servicing Toronto and the GTA, but is hoping to expand to other major cities soon.

Written by Cat