On October 5, 2012, I wrote my first blog post entitled, “Follow Your Heart.” It was the start of my blogging journey and the start of my journey with my then boyfriend Mark.

I didn’t know that pressing publish on that post would lead me to fall in love with writing again, meet some amazing people and work with some of the best brands and companies around.
I also didn’t know that moving to Ottawa would lead me to step out of my shell (both personally and professionally), get married, adopt a fur baby and basically set up a life in a city I had only visited twice before moving there.

Reading that first blog post back, I can remember how I felt at that time. I was scared. Dare I say even horrified? When I left Toronto, I had a killer job, the best friends a girl could dream of and lived alone in the beautiful High Park area of Toronto. What the heck was I going to do in Ottawa? I was fiercely independent and constantly worried about having to spend all my waking moments with a guy I had only known for eight months.

Needless to say, I was filled with worry and, of course, there’s no crystal ball that could have shown me how well things turned out.

Fast forward to present day, almost three years later, and we’ve just left Ottawa. Mark is starting a marketing role in Toronto and I’ve got a job in my native Stoney Creek, the city I was born and raised in.

Reflecting on my time in Ottawa, I have to say that following my heart was the best decision I ever made. I grew so much as person and my relationships with people (old and new) grew as well. I made once-in-a-lifetime memories, not to mention all the amazing opportunities and people I met through this blog, which never would have come into existence if I didn’t move.

I think in life it can be easy to let fear, doubts and worry take over and prevent you from doing the things that you feel deep down in your heart are the ones worth doing. Would I trade those miniscule weeks of being nervous, scared and unsure of my choice for what turned out to be three amazing years of growth, love and exciting adventures? Of course not.

Now, starting another new chapter I am grateful for having followed my heart since I couldn’t imagine a life greater than the one I have now.

What life changing decisions have you made?
Do you follow your head or your heat?'
Written by Tracey