Adventures in Dating is strictly a Thursday series on the blog. However, after the overwhelmingly positive response to Christa’s guest post entitled: My Last First Date, I had to share this with my readers today. Christa’s husband Brad took the time to recount his side of the story. Keep reading for Brad’s perspective on his first date with Christa.

As I pulled into the Williams Coffee Pub I’d chosen- with just a few minutes to spare- the dangers of locating a restaurant online quickly became evident.  It wasn’t a sit-down cafe at all, but rather a gas-station drive-through.  Fortunately, Christa had navigated to a more appropriate Williams location and I was soon en route there myself, slightly flustered, but mostly excited.

I knew that Christa was beautiful from her profile pictures, but when I pulled into the parking lot and saw her for the first time, I was absolutely blown away by how stunning she was.  Getting out of my car- butterflies in my stomach- I was asking myself: “Is this really happening?  She’s clearly SO far out of my league!”  I’d had only one “first date” previously, and as such, the whole experience was still foreign to me.  We walked together into the cafe and as we lined up to order, it quickly became apparent that I hadn’t put enough thought into things.  Should I pay for her drink?  What in the world do we talk about?  Do I put off difficult subjects or get them right on the table?  By God’s grace, Christa’s outgoing personality moved the conversation along, and it soon became an extension of our online dialog.

A brief while talking, and the impression I’d gotten from her writing was confirmed; I knew that she was like no one I’d ever met.  Not only was she beautiful, but she was intelligent and insightful, and kind (but edgy).  I also loved that her artistic side brought an entirely different perspective to the world around her, and that she had so much creative knowledge to share.  Who know that “cerulean” was a shade of blue or that or that the lithography process was so technical?  I was enamored.

Two or three hours passed quickly by, and before I knew it, the time had come to call it a night.  We ambled out to the parking lot and after a short inspection of Christa’s newly acquired Beetle, we were left standing there.  Face-to-face.  Silent.  “What do I say?”  I hadn’t given any thought whatsoever to the goodbye, and I had no experience to fall back on.  Temporarily void of the common sense that any reasonable person might have, and forgetting every cliche’d goodbye I’d ever seen in the movies, I managed to utter: “Well, this hasn’t disuaded me.”  Stupid.  I knew it the moment I said it.  After mutually agreeing that it had been an exceedingly awkward goodbye, we parted ways.  I was left with a dichotomous feeling.  On the one hand it had been a fantastic evening, and I was thoroughly interested in getting to know Christa better.  On the other, that goodbye.  It had just been SO incredibly awkward.  “What must she think of me after that?”

There was only one course of action I could think of to redeem her impression of me and figure out where things stood- send her an e-mail, and soon.  I would explain my feelings, and say what I should have said at our parting.  I can only surmise that this recovery tactic worked, since she graciously agreed to go out with me the next week.  I continue to, and will always be grateful that she was able to look past my inadequacies and give me that second chance.

Brad and Christa will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary on July 21. They are currently enjoying married life with their little furball, Mr. Darcy (named after the Jane Austen character, since both Brad and Christa love Pride and Prejudice!).
Editor’s Note: A special thank you to both Christa and Brad. Thank you both for being so open to sharing your love story, for letting us into your lives and warming our hearts. I am so grateful to be able to share your beautiful love story with my audience.

Written by Tracey