The last Thursday of every month Adventures in Dating features a guest blogger or reader to share their dating mishaps, triumphs, tips and tales. This month I am honoured to have my dear friend from Emma sharing the story of how she met her husband Brad. 

I had just moved to Cambridge, a move I was supposed to have made with the boyfriend of two years that I had been living with. It ended, not miserably but I felt like a twenty five year old divorcee as we divided furniture and even pets. We weren’t “meant to be,” and that was okay but I figured I’d move without him and begin a new chapter anyway.
Having moved to a city where I didn’t know anyone but my aunt and my best friends (who are married to each other), I contemplated how to go about meeting new people. Work was out as an option because I am in a woman dominated field and I’m not into the “bar scene.” Having given myself the appropriate time to “grieve” my last relationship, I (with the push of said friends), turned to online dating. I went on a few dates but after a couple months the relationships either got way too intense or just fizzled. Enter Brad. I chatted to him on MSN, (archaic right?) and found myself getting butterflies just hearing my computer “ding!” He suggested meeting for a drink and we arranged the time and place. I did all the “right” things before hand, like telling my friend our location and when we were going.

Enter the Thursday night in March.Yes, I remember the day of the week. If I had a calendar, I could tell you the exact date. It was unseasonably warm so deciding what to wear was complicated. I chose a jean skirt and sweater with my boots and vest. Cute but not “trying too hard.” I’d also spent most of the day debating about cancelling as I was getting over a cold but something told me to suck it up. I arrived at the mall to meet him at East Side Mario’s at 7pm. I got to the mall early to hit up the bank. I figured he’d offer to pay (just seemed like the type), but I didn’t want to be unprepared. What happened next, made me flustered and late (so not me!)

I’m standing in line behind a woman and her 10ish old daughter, who is being a tad dramatic. Her mom, frenzied grabs her card and leaves, shooting me an apologetic look. I approach the machine and see her cash sticking out of it. I turn, but if course she’s gone. The bank is closed but only just and the manger along with a few staff are visible. I bang on the window and get ignored. I bang again and I get the eye roll and point to the watch. I bang again, hold up the money and shout, “THIS ISN’T MINE!” The manager scrambles over, hears the story and takes the slip and cash. I grab my money and start speed walking/running through the mall. I pass the mom on her way back to the bank and am relieved. I see Brad outside the restaurant and begin spitting out an apology. I explain the story and again apologize. As nerves have now taken over, I realize that I’m rambling. I take a big breath and just start over. The restaurant we chose was insanely busy and was giving me a headache. I suggested maybe going across the road to play pool. He asked if they had food and I explained that they had normal bar/pub food and that seemed to work for him. I suggested I drive and then could drop him back off after.

We played pool, laughed and talked about everything! I look at my phone and realize it’s now almost 10:30pm. Time just flew by! We decided to call it a night and we settled the tab and left (he did pay!). I dropped him back at his car and he says, “well that was great. I’ll text you.” And then leaps from the car. I figured with no hug, kiss, high five, or even hand shake he wasn’t interested and I wasn’t going to hear from him again. I was bummed because the date was awesome and I felt like it went really well. I decided if I didn’t hear from him then I’d at least email on a friend level because we did have a tonne of fun. As it turns out, I saw him the Sunday afternoon, and I got my kiss.

We’ve now got a beautiful eighteen month old daughter and have been married for almost three years. The rest as they say, is history.
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Written by Tracey