Tina is sharing the story of how she met her husband, Curtis. You may remember Tina from her previous post in Adventures in Dating, “The Good, The Bad & The Downright Ugly.”
The story of how I met your mother, I mean my husband, goes back a few years before we had been introduced. On my very first day of college, I met a young gal who would eventually become one of my very best friends. She was the girl who was lucky enough to have met her match in high school. I was in a failing relationship which lasted for another year and a half.

With all of the unhappiness in my home life, I spent a lot of time with friends to try and get away from the unpleasant atmosphere due to the above mentioned failing relationship. My friend and I, let’s call her Stella, would spend considerable amounts of time together during the school year and during the summer. I had met her boyfriend, Jay, many times and the three of us would often spend time together.

The years went on. I broke up with my boyfriend. Stella and Jay stayed together. Eventually, they got engaged. Stella asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and I happily agreed. We spent months planning and organizing. Just trying to make every last detail perfect for their big day.
Now, you may be wondering where exactly Curtis, my husband, comes into all of this. No, he wasn’t a random groomsman or a guest at the wedding. You see, in all the time that had passed since Stella and I had been friends (about 5 years) and during all the time we had spent together with Jay and with his family, I have never had to chance to meet Curtis. His younger brother. It was a weird coincidence I guess that our paths had never crossed.


Anyway, back to the story. The big day had finally arrived! The ladies spent the morning getting beautified at Stella’s and the boys were doing boy things over at Jay and Curtis’ parents’ house. The ceremony was beautiful. There were not very any dry eyes in the house as these two finally tied the knot after many years of being together. It was time to take the photos! During the photoshoot, Curtis’ boutonniere broke, so I tore off a rose from my bouquet and quickly fixed it so that it wouldn’t affect the look in the photos. That was the first time we really spoke. After photos, comes dinner. Wine flowed, speeches were made and appetites were satiated.

FINALLY, it was my favourite part. Time to dance! I took it as one of my bridesmaid duties to get some of the less likely to dance guys out on the dance floor. I spent the beginning of the evening dancing with the groom, his friends, the bride’s dad and anyone else I could drag away from their chairs. I wanted that dance floor to be HOPPING (and it was!) My next target was the best man, Curtis. I grabbed him and pulled him up and that was it. My life had changed forever.


Immediately I could tell something was different. We ended up dancing to quite a few more songs (most of them slow much to Curtis’ delight) and I knew from the very first touch that something very different from anything I had ever experienced was happening. At the end of the night, Curtis, being the brave soul that he is, kissed me goodnight and left me with a promise to keep in touch. You see, at the time, Curtis was living in Toronto…about 5 hours away from me. On his way home the next day, he sent me his contact information and after that, there was no turning back. A month of constant text messages, BBM’s and telephone marathons let us get to know each other in ways that we probably wouldn’t have been able to had he been living here at the time.


Curtis came to visit me about 5 or 6 weeks after the wedding. When he stepped off that train platform with a bouquet of flowers he brought all the way from Toronto and we kissed again, that was it. We spent an incredible week together and shortly after Curtis moved back to Ottawa and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

Editor’s Note: Tina and Curtis are expecting their first child, a girl, this November. See more of their wedding here.

Written by Tina
Tina is 31 years old and lives in Ottawa, with her husband, daughter and two fur-babies. Find more of Tina on her Instagram account.