Trace’s Adventures in Dating: The Height of Dating


A typical afternoon navigating the seas of Plenty of Fish used to go this for me: “Oh, he’s cute. He is really cute. Medical student? Wow. 5’6…well forget that. Next. Volunteers in his free time? Graduated with a 4.0 GPA? 5’7. Too short. Ugh.” It was like the universe was taunting me. I’d fine the […]

Cat’s Adventures in Dating: Well, This is Awkward….


I have big news everyone. News so shocking that I hope you are all sitting down while reading this. I AM SEEING SOMEONE. AND IT’S SERIOUS! I know, I know, it’s as if I just told you I saw a unicorn walking down the street, but it’s true and it’s going very well. I can […]

Five Simple Life Hacks to Make You More Productive

Life Hacks

2015 is the year of busy. It seems everyone I know is trying to fit more into an already crammed schedule. We take on more at work. We add in a new hobby. Perhaps we start a side business. We go to yoga at lunch. We try out new recipes for dinner and always make […]